4 Simple Tips to Make Your New Paint Job Last


New paint jobs can be an exciting way to change the look of your house or apartment. However, you dont want that gorgeous new paint job to start looking worn or old just months after it was applied. Follow these tips from the experts of Brentwood house painting to ensure your paint job will last as long as possible.

Prep Work is Key:

The first thing you need to do before painting your home is prepare the surface. You’ll want to scrape away any peeling paint, remove all hardware such as window frames and door hardware, and clean the surface of dirt, oil and grease. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to mask off any areas that shouldn’t be painted such as baseboards or trim. This way, you’ll end up with a smooth finish on the new coat of paint!

Choose A Good Quality Paint:

Choosing a high-quality paint is as important as choosing quality windows for window replacement Brentwood. Cheap paint will dry out and peel easily, so it’s worth the investment to get something that will last. Quality paint will also be easier to clean up when you have kids or pets. You will also find an array of unique colors than cheap brands.

Besides quality paint, professional painters use only high quality brushes to ensure the application is perfect. Good quality brushes won’t lose bristles and are much less likely to leave brush marks on your walls as you’re painting them.

Never Ignore the Primer:

Priming your walls before you paint is the best way to keep your paint from coming off on the wall. Too much primer will take away some of your color, but not enough will leave an uneven finish. Expert painters always use a primer and make sure it’s dry before they start painting. You should also prime any doors, window frames, baseboards and other trim that may need extra protection from wear-and-tear.

Paint at the Right Weather:

Paint’s lifespan will be shortened if you paint during extreme weather conditions. According to the house painters Brentwood, the best time to paint is in the spring, when the temperatures are moderate and humidity is low. Painting your home in the winter will lead to difficulties with curing and water seeping under your fresh coat of paint, while painting it in the summertime may cause cracking due to fluctuations in temperature. Hiring professionals for house painting is your best bet.

A brand new paint job can look amazing and make your home or office look brand new, but it wont last forever. Both exterior and interior surfaces like walls and ceilings need maintenance to keep them looking their best and extend the life of your paint job. Rather than doing it yourself, hire a team of professionals for important projects like a new paint job.

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