4 Strategies to Balance Your B2B Goals & SEO in Cape Town


Everyone needs to realise the importance of Search Engine Optimisation and how it works to experience organic business growth. Therefore, strategies involving SEO in Cape Town are meant for the long term. You cannot expect SEO to fix all your page ranking problems overnight. But as you run a business, fulfilling B2B goals sometimes takes priority and causes a sort of unbalance that ruins your strategy.

Implementing such strategies can ensure that both the marketing department and SEO professionals in a company work together to create balanced growth opportunities.

To avoid any further complications, let us look at 4 strategies for balancing B2B and SEO in Cape Town that can help you out.

  1. Ensuring each content is optimised for both SEO and marketing goals

Depending on the topic of a content piece, its goal could vary greatly because the topic is based on its search intent. Some topics, such as thought leadership, where writers introduce an original idea that the audience has yet to search for, are simply unsuitable for SEO. In that case, the best thing to do is prioritise marketing goals. Similarly, SEO should take precedence in the case of optimising content influenced by search intent.

  1. Planning a content calendar with Marketing and SEO managers

Once you understand how your audience views your brand, it gets easier to plan the next step, which is most likely planning a content calendar. But make sure that this is not just any content calendar but one that addresses all marketing and SEO goals for an overall improvement. For SEO, you could outline keywords beforehand and minimise off-brand impressions. Similarly, for marketing content, you can plan content creation to get engagement and fulfil branding goals.

  1. Employing SEO knowledge when creating a brand style guide

The best way to align both SEO and marketing goals within a company is by creating a brand and style guide expertly. Though SEO is treated as an afterthought, it is vital so as not to ignore it completely during the marketing process, specifically the content marketing process. SEO professionals can establish brand awareness in more than one way, which is why most emerging businesses follow the “optimise SEO for marketing” rule.

  1. Analysing your audience to analyse the effectiveness of SEO on marketing

One must survey their audience to assess how a particular SEO strategy has been working. After analysis, the areas for improvement become clear, and from there on, one can improve the impact of SEO on marketing. A survey of the audience should include questions about the values that a company’s ideal audience associates with. Based on the results, expert SEO managers can re-evaluate your priorities and ensure that your brand’s overall impression meets the marketing team’s goals.


A lot of businesses suffer from the misalignment of strategies that get in the way of meeting their overall marketing and sales goals. This is exactly why the need for balancing strategies becomes obvious since it can handle both meetings B2B goals and SEO requirements.

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