4 Styling Tips To Wear A Sweater This Winter

handmade woolen sweater for ladies

Sweaters are a must addition to your wardrobe. You essentially require these garments during the winter months to comfort you and warm your body from the cold climatic condition. Whether the new-age machine knitted ones or the handmade woolen sweater for ladies and gents, matching the sweater with your outfit can help create a long-lasting impression.

This winter, follow these 4 tips to stylize yourself while wearing a sweater:

  1. Focus more on the comfort factor

While fashion is a definite must, you also need to focus on the comfort factor. Unless you feel comfortable wearing the sweater, your confidence level will hit a negative point. Therefore, consider the fittings before purchasing the sweater. Also, focus on the material of the sweater. It is recommended to opt for a sweater made from soft knit material while ensuring it fits well on the body. Give your trial to ensure you are comfortable wearing it.

  1. Focus on the neck style

Sweaters come in different neck styles, the most common ones being v-neck, round neck (crew neck), turtle neck, mock turtle neck, scoop neck, cowl neck, banded collar, and shawl collar. Which one will you choose? It all depends on individual style preferences. Then again, some may find it uncomfortable wearing the turtle neck variants. Then again, some love the defining style of a shawl collar or even the cowl neck. For a more casual look, the best options remain scoop neck, v-neck, and crew neck. However, a more formal appearance can be best complemented through a shawl collar and banded collar. Wearing a v-neck sweater beneath your blazer jacket can also be a nice way to create a professional look.

  1. Consider handmade sweaters to create that vintage look

Handmade sweater for men and women are extremely popular. Not those typical machine knitted types, these handmade sweaters remind us of the old days when the moms and grannies used to knit them while relaxing on the easy chair. Handmade sweaters have a style element that cannot be matched to the regular machine-knitted ones. The quality of wool also plays a significant role in the process. Cashmere wool may well be the most expensive but certainly assures comfort at an altogether different level.

  1. Creating the perfect V/waistline with the sweater

Celebrities often follow this fashion tip closely. Very common with the women, creating a V or even both the waistline and V can make a simple outfit look amazingly trendy. Keeping it simple does the key but know the right ways to carry the outfit is what makes sense. A small tip: simply tuck the sweater in front slightly. This will help create the perfect waistline V.


If winters are longer and take the most time of the year, sweaters (a lot of them) will be common to your wardrobe. For regular wear, you need to consider sweaters that are easy to care for and wash. However, if winters are short-lived, a few sweaters from the finest quality wool will do the job.

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