4 Surprising Uses for Polypropylene Polymer You Should Know


Polypropylene polymer is one of the most common types of plastics in the world and has an impressive range of uses. While you might not be familiar with polypropylene polymer by name, you’re probably very familiar with the things it’s used to make. From plastic packaging to textiles, polypropylene is highly relevant in several domestic and industrial applications. If you are wondering what they are, a plastic granules manufacturer in UAE explains some of the most common uses below.

Plastic Furniture:

Polypropylene polymer is a durable and cost-effective alternative to wood. It’s mold resistant, so it can be used outdoors without rotting or splintering. It doesn’t require any finish and is not sensitive to changes in temperature, making it a perfect option for furniture made from polypropylene plastic. They are moisture-proof and rain-proof, thus making them an ideal choice in the manufacture of outdoor chairs.

Automotive Parts:

Polypropylene polymer is used in automotive parts because of its properties. This material is a versatile choice for many applications due to its long-term durability and dependability especially when some additives are added like fiber glass and others that can make Polypropylene a good choice for automotives parts. According to a plastic granules manufacturer in UAE, it is a cheaper alternative than traditionally used parts that are also designed for the same purpose, but polypropylene has some advantages too!

Plastic parts work with little to no lubrication and are relatively quieter as well. They are also highly capable of absorbing shock and vibration. Being resistant to rust/corrosion, parts made of Polypropylene polymer appear to be more appealing in automotive and similar applications.

Product Packaging:

Polypropylene polymer is widely used in packaging, from food packaging to garments to industrial use sacks, it is also used in isolation by being mixed with bitumen to make bitumen isolation rolls that are used in isolation

Polypropylene is also food contact safe, this made it a perfect choice for woven sacks that are using in packing rice that can be easily handled during the loading and transportation from country to country

Medical Applications:

Recently after COVID 19 pandemic, polypropylene non-woven, which is the only raw material that used for face masks, has saved the humanity, you can imagine your life during and post COVID 19 without a face mask, polypropylene is also used in syringes and other hospital disposables. A white masterbatch supplier UAE suggests that the outstanding price-to-performance ratio of polypropylene polymer makes it highly appealing in the medical industry. It is also used in other important applications including hernia repairs and medical implants.

From the applications mentioned above, you should understand by now that polypropylene polymer has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives. If you’re interested in learning more about polypropylene polymer, talk to the expert plastic raw material suppliers in UAE today.

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