4 Temposonics linear position sensor for industrial applications

The non-contact linear position sensors launched by Temposonics are specially designed with magnetostrictive technology that determines highly precise positions. These sensors are extensively used for industrial applications. The Temposonics linear position sensor is also known as the magnetostrictive sensor that assures top-notch reliability with lifespan. In this article, we are going to discuss 4 best-selling Temposonics magnetostrictive position sensors.

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  1. R-Series V RP5

One of the heavy-duty backward compatible position sensors that are used for such applications that need external mounting. The R-Series V RP5 linear position sensor has an operational temperature range of up to 185 °F or 85 °C. One of the biggest advantages of this sensor is that it is extremely resilient to shock and vibration. Apart from that, the R-Series V RP5 also includes multiple position measurements.

Key specs

  • Type of the connection: 1 × M16 male connectors (6 pins)
  • Power consumption of this sensor: < 3.25 W
  • Operating voltage (V): 30 VDC Max (±20%)
  • Sensor profile: Aluminium
  • Dielectric strength: 500 VDC
  1. R-Series V RH5

If you are looking for a performance-oriented rod-style position sensor, R-Series V RH5 is a great choice. This backward-compatible sensor is specially designed for in-cylinder applications. The approximate operational temperature range of the R-Series V RP5 sensor is 185 °F or +85 °C. Additionally, the R-Series V RH5 linear sensor is highly resistant to vibration and shock. In addition, the R-Series V RH5 provides great accuracy and dependability. Multi-position measurement is also possible.

Key specs

  • Sensor rod material: Stainless steel
  • Sensor housing: Aluminium
  • Operating voltage: 30 VDC Max (±20%)
  • Dielectric strength: 500 VDC
  • Power consumption: < 3.25 W
  • Type of the connection: 1 × M16 male connectors
  1. G-Series GP

The G-Series GP is a magnetostrictive linear position sensor that is completely microprocessor-based. It has a strong and compact design that allows you to handle tough and demanding industrial conditions seamlessly. G-Series GP microprocessor-based sensors are known for their upgraded performance with high compatibility. The sensor head also has a signal conditioner with an integrated electrical interface. Apart from that, G-Series GP sensors come with non-contact sensing technology that permits absolute & linear measurement.

Key specs

  • Overall operating temperature: −40 °C to 80°C
  • Type of the connection: 6-pin male connector
  • Sensor rod: 304L SS
  • Operating pressure: 350 bar static & 690 bar peak
  • Mounting torque: 45 N-m


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  1. TempoLink smart assistant

One of the most essential add-ons for the R-Series V sensor is the TempoLink intelligent assistant. It primarily serves as a bridge between the user & sensor and provides the following accurate information such as sensor status, internal sensor temperature, Total sensor operation time, and overall distance of magnets. The communication promotion between the TempoLink and a linear sensor is developed through an appropriate power supply. TempoLink also transmits different sensor parameters using wirelessly or via USB.

Key specs

  • Dimensions: 54 × 44 × 53 mm
  • Operating temp: −20 to 60°C
  • Protection: IP30
  • Operating voltage: 24 VDC
  • Humidity range: 10 to 90 %
  • Housing: Plastic (ABS)
  • Power consumption: 15 W

Final words 

You will expect unmatched reliability and robustness from these linear position sensors. The high degrees of toughness & precision make Temposonics linear position sensor a perfect choice. For the most accurate position sensors, you must rely on Gordy’s Sensors. The company offers a wide range of industrial sensors online at the best price. Their products are manufactured with advanced sensing technologies that assure top-notch performance with high accuracy. Whether it’s a steel treatment plant or wastewater treatment, Gordy’s Sensors design and develop the best sensors that meet all your industry demands. Drop an email or ring us to buy our products today.

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