4 Things You Should Know About A D2 Steel Plate

Steel is an alloy mainly composed of iron and a one or more alloying metals in order to create new materials possessing unique properties. There are four (4) main classifications of steel but there are several subgroups within each classification. The properties of steel differ depending on which elements the iron has been combined with and the techniques that were used to heat and cool it. Among the different type of steel, the most popular is probably the D2 steel plate because it is widely used in making industrial cutting tools, planer blades, shear blades, and are sometimes used in making knife blades.

What Would D2 Tool Steel Suppliers Tell You About D2 Steel?

Most steel suppliers will tell you that there are four (4) types of steel, and they are:

  1. CARBON STEEL – This type of steel contains only trace amounts of other elements aside from iron and carbon. Manufacturers make large amounts of this steel as it is cheap to manufacture and can be used in construction.
  2. ALLOY STEEL – Alloy steel is made by adding alloying elements to carbon and iron like aluminum, chromium, nickel, and/or copper. Combining these elements enriches the steel’s corrosion resistance, ductility, machinability, and strength.
  3. STAINLESS STEEL – Stainless steel are highly corrosive resistant and are widely used in construction, electrical equipment, and medical equipment, among others.
  4. TOOL STEEL – As suggested by the name, this type of steel is widely used in drilling and cutting equipment, as well as hand tools. D2 steel plate is a type of tool steel.

What is D2 Steel Plate?

D2 tool steel has a high chromium, as well as high carbon content. Those two elements make the steel wear-resistant. D2 is also air-hardening and a deep hardening steel. After proper treatment, the tool made from it will no be subject to size change.

Because it does not scratch or abrade easily, it a great material for making tools D2 tool steel suppliers recommend it for use in cold work, high wear, long production, and it is also popularly used for making knife blades.

General Qualities of D2 Steel Plate


  • High carbon content
  • High chromium percentage
  • Very highly resistant to wear
  • Low grinding ability
  • Free from size change after proper treatment
  • Low machinability

Why Choose D2 From D2 Tool Steel Suppliers

D2 tool steel retains its hardness up to 425°C (797 °F) temperature. Being chromium rich enables the D2 to be wear-resistant from abrasive materials or sliding contact with other metals. Having high level of wear resistance, when used in knife blades, makes the knife tough and hold an edge for a long time.

The advantage of high-carbon D2 steel plate is that it easily reaches a high lever of hardness after receiving heat treatment. Having very high chromium content (only slightly less than that of stainless steel) makes it more corrosive resistant than the other tool steel types and allows it to be considered as semi-stainless. Getting D2 steel wet will not lead to rust due to being “aqueous” corrosion resistant.

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