4 Tips For Selecting Spas Scheduling Software

These days, People live in a state of constant stress and bad ecology. Sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition have a negative impact on well-being and external attractiveness of human beings. In order to get rid of the stress of everyday work and gain strength for new achievements, people of very different ages visit spas. 

As a matter of fact, SPA-therapy is a combination of medical and recreational procedures aimed at restoring the physical and emotional health of a person. Different types of massages, mud and salt baths, sauna baths, aromatherapy, balneotherapy, thalassotherapy, phytotherapy, etc, promote the enhancement of blood circulation in humans, prevent stagnant processes, improve metabolism, and generally increase overall vitality. In short, the Spa Stands for:

  • Relaxation,
  • Reflection,
  • Rejuvenation & 
  • Rejoice. 

That is why the number of Spa Centers are increasing with each passing day. Have a look at the chart below:

Total Number of Spa Centers in the world: 71, 600 (Estimated)

Types of Spa centers Total Numbers  Percentage Revenue Generated By Them
SPA-salons and clubs  45,113 62.9% $ 21 Million
SPA in hotels and resort hotels  11,489 16% $ 12.6 Million
SPA hotels 1,485 2.1% $ 6.2 Million
Other SPA 9,310 13% $ 2.4 Million
Medical SPA 4,274 6% $ 4.6 Million

When there is a great surge in the Spa business, entrepreneurs desperately feel the need for a Salon & Spa Software as it helps them to automate various business activities & increase the profit margins. Due to the presence of various Spa Scheduling Software
 on the market, most people find it difficult to make a wise selection. So, we have pointed out 4 most important tips using which you can easily select a good Spa Scheduling Software. Let’s see them one by one:

  • Online Booking & Cancellation Option

Online booking and cancellation option is necessary for a Spa Booking Software. It is because today’s extremely busy people don’t have the sufficient time to visit the Spa center physically, communicate with the person sitting on the counter, inquire about the availability of the desired Spa services, make the payment and avail the services. All these consume a lot of time and you may not be able to get the requested services is the customer’s waiting list is long. 

There is where a Salon point of sale software works wonders. It allows entrepreneurs to book online appointments with customers 24*7 easily and effortlessly. It automatically displays the available time slots, free servicemen, time slots, the availability of different beauty services and products, etc, which allows customers to make requests easily and get the requested services on time. Based on their needs, customers can cancel their appointments with a spa salon service at any time.

  1. Automated Notifications 

A good Salon Management Software delivers automated notifications to both Spa Center owners and customers for almost all activities, such as booking/cancellation of an appointment, purchasing of spa products, etc. It keeps them informed about the exchange of services at a fixed time. 

  1. Spa Software Should Have A Mobile Incarnation

Practically, it is impossible for any Spa owner to remain present in the office at all the times to perform different business activities and take care of the needs of customers. Movement from one place to another is the need of any business owner. A mobile version of a Spa software allows entrepreneurs to operate the Spa business from all places at all the times, receive notifications about new sales and bookings, etc. 

  1. POS System & Integration of Payment Gateways

A Good Spa Software with Integrated POS System & Payment Gateways allows you to act as a cashier/accountant/auditor and create bills for the purchased products and services, conduct stock inventory, minimize the pending payments, easily collect payments from customers, and maintain your communication with customers easily and effortlessly. 

Final Remarks

There are many Spa and Salon Software on the market with excellent features and functionalities. Just define the actual needs of your business at first & keep the above factors in mind to choose a good Spa Management Software easily, automate core business activities, and make more profits in a few days by serving the needs of a large number of customers. 


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