4 Tips to Get Your Child Ready for Preschool


Your child is almost ready to begin their school years! The teachers and staff at the preschool will do all they can to prepare your chttps://i.ibb.co/JKQ0Kdh/Child-Care-Dee-Why.pnghild for the next step in their education. But its up to you, as a parent, to make sure your child is prepared to enter the world of preschool. Here are four tips from a Dee Why children’s centre that will help you get your child ready for preschool!

Talk to Your Child About it:

The first step is to talk with your child about preschool. Being excited, explaining how the day will be and how it’ll go is a great way of preparing your child for what’s going to happen. If you are worried that they may think it’s a scary place because they are too young, don’t let them think like that! You can show them pictures or videos of other children having fun at school. Showing them the positives can help make them less scared to attend their first day at school.

Nurture a Consistent Bedtime and Wakeup Routine:

According to child care centres Dee Why, establishing a consistent bedtime and wake-up routine will go a long way in helping your child be prepared for kindergarten. This can help ease the transition into sleeping at night and getting up each morning. Consider an earlier bedtime on weekends or holidays so that your child gets plenty of sleep. Limit screen time before bed, including TVs, tablets, and computers. Read stories with your children before tucking them in every night!

Set Aside Some Time for Reading:

Reading with your child is one of the best things you can do as a parent. Not only does it strengthen their love of reading, but also it opens up opportunities for more in-depth conversation and personal growth. It’s never too early to start reading with your child, so consider dedicating 10 minutes every day to build this special bond together.

Cultivate a Love for Learning:

Before sending your kid to a child care Dee Why, cultivate a love for learning. If you want your child to enjoy learning, one of the best things you can do is share with them what interests you. Let them hear your favourite music. Watch TV shows and movies that are more educational than funny. Bring home magazines that have informational articles, then let them pick out a topic they want to learn about first, like geography or sports statistics. Finally, ask questions like, “What was your favourite part of the book?”

For most parents, the thought of sending their young child off to preschool can be nerve-wracking; its a big step in the life of your little one, after all! But it doesn’t have to be that way. By following the tips mentioned above, your child will do just fine. Plus, getting quality education and guidance from the experts of Dee Why children’s centre will help them excel studies in their studies.

The author is working at a recognised Dee Why children’s centre for more than four years. In this article, he shares some tips for parents to prepare their kids for preschool. To know more, visit https://deewhykindergarten.com.au/

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