4 Tips to Maintain Your Epoxy Floor and Keep It Looking Brand New


Epoxy floors are the perfect option if you’re looking to add some shine and polish to your garage, basement, or another concrete flooring. Epoxy floors look shiny and clean, and they can last for decades when you take good care of them. To keep your epoxy floor looking as beautiful as it did the day it was installed, follow these tips to maintain your epoxy garage floor coating in Phoenix AZ and keep it looking brand new.

Clean the Floors Regularly:

Keeping your epoxy floor clean is perhaps one of your most important duties. That’s because, if not cleaned regularly, dirt will begin to settle into your floors in little piles. When dirt or grit starts piling up, they create an unsightly film on top of your beautiful flooring. Plus, it could also make your floor more susceptible to damage. One way you can avoid that? Just clean it once a week with an all-purpose cleaner. A weekly cleaning schedule is required for those with epoxy floors.

Choose the Right Cleaning Products:

When you’re cleaning your residential epoxy flooring in Phoenix, make sure you’re using cleaners that are meant for use on epoxy floors. Different types of cleaners can ruin or damage an epoxy floor if they aren’t made specifically for use on these surfaces. To keep your floor looking great, be sure to only use those recommended by its manufacturer. If you have any doubts about whether a product is safe to use on your floor, check with a professional before proceeding.

Remove Any Spills or Stains Sooner:

One of the biggest mistakes epoxy flooring owners make is ignoring small spills or stains. As soon as you see something spill on your epoxy floor, dab it up with a paper towel as quickly as possible. This will keep an unwelcome spill from soaking into your floor and turning into a tough-to-remove stain.

If there’s already a stain on your floor, try scrubbing it out with some warm water and dish soap. If that doesn’t work, call in a professional specializing in epoxy garage floor coating in Phoenix AZ. Your local concrete specialist can likely remove any stubborn stains using special tools designed for just such situations.

Hire Professional Cleaners:

When it’s time to clean your epoxy floor, hire a professional. While DIY cleaning may seem tempting, it can probably do more harm than good by leaving abrasive cleansers or chemicals behind. This can create a long-term problem that requires professional attention to get rid of it. Professionals are also trained for specific types of flooring so you know that your floor is getting treated correctly.

Epoxy floors are popular because they’re incredibly strong and long-lasting, which makes them perfect for both your home and or business. Use these helpful tips to maintain your epoxy floor and talk to the professional epoxy garage floor installers near me if you need any assistance.

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