4 Top Kitchen Tool Upgrades Worth the Investment

Kitchenware can run the gamut from cheap and low-quality to very expensive and built to last. Many of these cooking items are investments for your kitchen. Upgrading to better quality kitchenware or appliances can save you time cooking, provide additional features, and become something to pass on to multiple generations of family cooks.


There are two routes to upgrading knives: getting new, specialized knives, or upgrading the quality of a knife you already have. Specialized knives like a santoku knife are perfect for chopping, slicing, and mincing, while a paring knife handles delicate tasks like cutting garnishes with precision. Knives meant for specific tasks can make all the difference when you’ve only relied on a chef’s knife to do most of your work. If you already have a variety of knives, upgrading quality, such as to a Wusthof or Zwilling J.A. Henckels knife—both world-renowned for their excellent craftsmanship—can significantly extend the longevity of the blade.

Air Fryer

If you’re still using vast amounts of oil to fry food, it’s time for an upgrade. Air fryers use significantly less oil than a standard deep fryer, sometimes not requiring any oil at all. Instead of using oil, super-heated air is evenly circulated in the air fryer, cooking all sides at once. The lack of oil means less fat. Air-fried food, as a result, is much healthier than deep-fried food, while still producing browned and crisp fare. Some of the best air fryers can serve as a multifunction appliance, toasting or baking food as well as frying.


Upgrading quality often means upgrading durability and the materials used to make an item, as well as its efficiency. If you prefer to bake casseroles and cookies, having exceptional bakeware is a must. With higher-quality materials, your casseroles will heat more evenly. A high-quality Dutch oven made of aluminum, for example, not only heats evenly but the best are also easy to clean up and dishwasher-safe. Properly taken care of, a baking dish can easily be passed on to the next generation of chefs.

Sous Vide

Old sous vide machines were big and bulky. When Chef Richard Blais used one on Top Chef, it was a revelation to many home chefs. Now, sous vide machines—also called immersion circulators—are widely available to the home chef. They are much smaller, can clamp on to any pot, and often come with features such as WiFi or Bluetooth connections. They work by heating and circulating water, keeping it at a precise temperature. While this approach can take longer than regular cooking, the wait results in evenly cooked food. It’s an easily repeatable method: Poached eggs and steaks at your exact level of doneness are a snap.

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