4 Trending Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings in 2022

More than the metal and stone, an engagement ring is deeply linked with the emotions of the couple and regarded as a symbol of the beginning of a life-long relationship. 

Finding a unique yet elegant ring like a two tone diamond engagement ring for her is not that difficult in today’s day and age. With so many options out there in the market, you only need to devote some time and carry out effective research to figure out a desirable product. 

Over the years, the diamond has announced itself as an essential part of an engagement ring. But now, with so many diamond shapes available, it is indeed a difficult job to select the right one. However, you need to understand that there is no good or bad choice, as every diamond shape carries its own set of significance. So, you need to realize your requirements and take your decision accordingly.

To make the entire purchasing process more streamlined, here in this write-up, we will discuss the top 4 trending diamond shapes that you can consider for your upcoming engagement ring. 

1. Round Diamond Engagement Ring

For so many years, the round diamond has been the most popular choice for the masses. When it comes to sheer sparkles, it is the round diamond that stands out among all the diamond shapes out there. The classical shape of a trending round diamond engagement ring endures through all kinds of special occasions as an understated yet glamorous look.

However, if you want the larger-than-life diamond embellished on the engagement ring to stand out, the round diamond may not be an ideal option to go with.

2. Oval Shape Engagement Ring

Thanks to the slim profile of the oval shape diamond ring, ladies often prefer it as their everyday wear. Oval shape diamond is an elongated version of a traditional round diamond with sharp edgy extremes. However, it retains most of the brilliance of round diamonds and ensures a slimmer and more slender look for your finger.

3. Multi-Stone Halo Engagement Ring

Showcase your love and affection with a stunning multi-stone halo engagement ring. Of late, many people prefer presenting such engagement rings embellished with diamonds of different shapes to their partners, emphasizing their emotions and unconditional love. 

In fact, a multi-stone diamond engagement ring is an excellent choice for public professing. The vicinity will surely be inspired by your romantic yet unique selection of the engagement ring.

18k solitaire diamond ring4. Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring

The emerald shape diamond is quite popular among the masses for its out-of-the-box appearance. The fascinating shape of the diamond ensures the engagement ring looks brilliant. The interesting boxy shape would always stand out and take all the limelight. Besides, an emerald-shaped engagement ring is going to complement any attire adding an additional layer of fashion.


And that’s it for today! After going through all these four trending diamond shapes, now you will be well-equipped to take a decision. Besides, you will always have the option to customize the engagement ring and create a personalized treasure.

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