4 Types Of Pavers

Pavers are an excellent way to decorate the pavement and exterior of your home. They come in various shapes and sizes and are designed for homeowners to choose according to their taste and liking. They are very cost-effective, durable, easy to use, and low maintenance. They are made up of concrete, clay bricks, natural stones, porcelain, etc. Depending on your style and budget, one may get paver stone backyard ideas to completely transform the look of your home.

Different Types Of Pavers

Let’s discuss different types of pavers. Pavers can be classified into three according to the material that they are made up of.

Brick Pavers

The first on the list are brick pavers made up of burned clays that give an illusion of bricks. Brick pavers are made up of concrete or clay, and they are aggregated and then dyed to look like bricks. They are very strong in quality, and they can be said to be stain-resistant paving materials. There is a wide variety of colors and textures that can be chosen from when choosing brick pavers for your home. To prevent fading of the color, sealants can be used effectively. Small gaps can be made between each brick to help the water drain through the sub-base for a permeable paver system.

Concrete Pavers

Next on the list is concrete pavers. As the name suggests, concrete pavers are molded concrete and then mixed with aggregate. Some concrete pavers are often dyed to make them look like bricks. These types of concrete pavers are extremely strong and very durable. A variety of colors and styles can be chosen while going for concrete pavers with mesmerizing interlocking patterns. To retain the color to the maximum sealing, these pavers are essential. A good feature of these pavers is that small gaps between them can allow water to drain through these can be seen in interlocking concrete pavers.

Natural Stone Pavers

Proceeding with the list is natural stone pavers. Flagstone and fieldstone are two types of natural stones most common when choosing natural stones for pavers. Some other types of natural stones are travertine and limestone. Natural stone pavers are expensive compared to brick pavers and concrete pavers. The one that retains its natural colors is travertine. It has little to no maintenance and negligibly needs cleaning. It is very durable and can withstand any weather. Natural stones are generally very absorbent; hence, natural stones are applied near pool areas. A pool deck is a place where natural stones can be effectively used. Limestone is very strong and can be most used for edging. Natural stone is not a very good idea for high traffic areas as it can easily break if they are under pressure.


Bluestone can be washed often as it is resistant to water. It can take different shapes, and it can be placed individually. It can also be combined to design various types of bricks for paving. It has a beautiful royal blue color and can withstand any weather calamity or extremes.

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