4 Ways a Cloud PBX Phone System Boosts Your Business Productivity


Remember that time when your mobile phone was just that, a phone? Nowadays, in many countries the vast majority of the population use smartphones that do so much more than just making phone calls. From sending text messages, browsing the internet, watch tv and even act as your credit card or your wallet. Perhaps, or even likely, you’re reading this blog on a smartphone right now.

Similarly, technology has also changed the way businesses use office phones. Introducing the online PBX phone system – an advanced communication platform that can do phone calls but also much more. Here’s how this system can enhance your business productivity:

Simplify Communications:

With workers being increasingly mobile or having to work from their homes, companies have been depending on staff using their personal phones for work, and the office phone was no longer ‘manned’. Using an online or cloud based platform solves these issues. An app turns the smartphone into an office phone, and allows staff to call from their own smartphone or a computer using the company number.

Superior Call Management:

How often has a client had to go through the agony of being transferred to the wrong department or the wrong person when calling your customer service? Unfortunately, this happens far too frequently, both irritating the clients and slowing down the problem resolving abilities of the team.

cloud PBX phone system allows the administrator to create customised groups, and route calls to the appropriate department. And, if the waiting time gets longer, the system diverts customers to voicemail, automatically registers the call and contact number to be followed up, generates call back requests or queues the customer. All fully automatic; this reduces queuing time and helps your staff to handle the communication process better than ever.

Analyse Service Quality with Call Recording:

Recording phone calls using an online PBX phone system may help your business in various ways, especially in keeping track of the quality of customer service. Having the ability to record phone conversations allows you to ensure that your (new) employees are following their training and that your salespeople are doing their best to help your customers and business. Another useful tool is call barging, which means that you can listen in on ongoing calls, and where needed, instruct the staff member without the customer noticing this. Recording and call barging help you evaluating conversations and are an important tool to help you making your team more efficient and capable.

See how Productive Your Employees are:

Cloud communication may help you streamline your procedures and increase productivity. The most significant advantage is keeping track of the conversations, and more specific, the length of as well inbound as outbound conversations, time in a queue, speed of answering by the staff and more. Often live dashboards offer an easy way to keep track of how long a caller has been on hold or how long your employee has spoken with a person, how many of your staff are on calls, how many customers are in the pipe line and much more.

This will not only guarantee that your consumers have the best experience possible, but these features of a hosted PBX for small business also provide superior analytics capabilities to assess whether process improvements or more personnel are required.

So, cloud PBX systems are more than just office phones. You can take advantage of all the features and capabilities offered by a cloud phone provider to keep your employees productive and happy and to exceed your customer’s expectations.

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