4 Ways Businesses Benefit From Setting Up a CSP


The Reserve Bank of India has been executing measures to help ensure financial inclusion in a number of rural areas around the country. Even today, there are various locations that still don’t have access to basic banking facilities. This is where Customer Service Point (CSP) or Kiosk Banking can be helpful. Retail shops can sign up to become a CSP provider and provide the rural community with essential banking services. Here are four benefits of becoming a CSP.

1. Earn Additional Revenue:

CSP is considered a mini banking facility for the general public who cannot immediately access a regular bank office. Once you apply for CSP, your shop can make you more money since it’s another avenue for transaction collection. Once you establish a contract with a CSP provider, you will earn a commission on all banking transactions made by customers.

2. Easy to Set Up and Use:

You should have a PC and a stable internet connection handy, and rest of the equipment will be provided to you by Bank CSP. With a little training, you will quickly get used to the facility’s functionality. Everything is quick and easy to set up, and you will get accustomed to it faster than you’d expect. Also, all transactions are secured with biometric authentication, so there’s nothing to worry about.

3. Better Visibility and More Sales:

Becoming a kiosk banking facility can put you on the map and increase your store’s visibility. Individuals will be more likely to make purchases at your store once they satisfy their banking needs at your CSP facility, because it is convenient to do so. And that means more sales and profit every month.

4. Better Brand Image:

Established CSP provider companies work with SBI, a reputable banking service, to help with CSP online registration for retail stores. Working with credible banks like SBI undoubtedly improves your goodwill and brand recognition, allowing you to earn more devoted customers too. And better brand image means better business in the long term.

What Facilities Do Kiosk Banking Provide?

Now that you understand the key benefits of CSP, you would be wondering what facilities are open to customers. Well, here they are:

– Open a Zero-Balance Bank Account

– Make cash deposits and withdrawals

– Micro finance for low income or unemployed individuals

– Jeevan Bima insurance facility

– Issuance of Rupay ATM card

– Fixed deposit and Recurring deposit facilities

– Make easy money transfers, and more.

Bank CSP assists businesses in setting up secure banking facilities in remote locations across the country. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the experts of Bank CSP today and get your registration process started right away. The CSP provider company will walk you through the entire process and help you start the financial transactions in no time!

The author is working at Bank CSP, India’s largest Payment Solutions Provider. In this article, he explains why retail businesses must apply for CSP. To know more, visit https://www.bankcsp.com/

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