4 ways in which media studies help you get a world view

Today, it is possible to get a peek into the whole world without ever stepping out of your home. It is possible to find out what is happening in every corner of the world, at the current time in a jiffy. It takes just a 6” inch screen coupled with internet technology to virtually reach anywhere you like. All this is thanks to the power of the media. Perhaps, the greatest virtue of embarking on a media program is that it gives you a kaleidoscopic view of how almost every branch of study is incorporated into media courses. Let’s take a look.

Media courses and history: The field of media is constantly evolving. It has come a long way, from mandatory press shutdown at specific hours to 24 hour press, news and television channels. News and content is consumed on internet platforms and mobile applications. Despite all this, the media is the quickest source through which one can glance into the past, interpret it and show people a mirror of what has gone into making them the way they are today.

Media programs and literature: There is no doubt that the media, like literature and arts studies, is a major source of culture and entertainment, especially in the modern world. It can offer an immersive experience, no matter the subject in question. The media helps us use our critical thinking abilities to form thoughts and opinions about what is going on in the society. It also helps us experience audio and visual arts in a way nothing else can.

Media courses and science: Every new invention is attributed to science. Whether it is the magic of fitting a camera lens into a cellular phone or into an internet-enabled drone; science plays a great role in advancing technology. But what is the first place where you find out about this innovation? What does science use, to get its message forward? It is the media. Without the media we would never be aware of new-age technologies nor would we know how to properly use them to our advantage. It is the media that actually explains how things work – whether it is through language or pamphlets or even instruction manuals.

Media studies and society: Society and family studies are a very integral part of media communication programs, and rightfully so. The media helps us determine much of our cultural and societal diet. It helps us weave parts of this necessary fabric into our lives. It governs how a society is supposed to behave and speaks about appropriate manners of living lives. It is through the media that we become aware of rules and policies that govern a civilised society.

Apart from these streams, communication programs also encompass other aspects of our lives including psychology, business, geography, civics and even politics. While every field may not include media, the media truly incorporates every field there was, is and will be.

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