4 Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Mosaic Tiles

4 Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Mosaic Tiles 

Everyone dreams of a spacious and luxurious bathroom but sometimes people struggle to make their tiny bathroom appear bigger and less claustrophobic. In addition to San Diego tile flooring, here are some other ways you can use tiles to make your bathroom seem bigger than its original space. In this article mosiac tiles are highlighted to fulfill the purpose.
A mosaic is a picture or pattern made by arranging small pieces of hard materials such as glass, stone or tile. Mosaics have been around since antiquity and are a striking addition to any room, including bathrooms. Here are 4 ideas for using mosaic tiles to make a bathroom appear larger.

Think Vertical
Just as vertical stripes in a suit or dress make you look taller, the same goes for vertical patterns in a room. By arranging the tiles vertically (almost like wallpaper), the eye is led upward, creating the illusion of a high ceiling. In a small room, high ceilings and natural light keep it from feeling too claustrophobic.

Large Patterns
In a small bathroom, it is natural to want to play it safe and avoid patterns. There is the fear that patterns will overwhelm a small space. But experts recommend using large-scale patterns to create a more open look. Don’t be afraid to go a little stylish, because the area is contained. For instance, large circle patterns on one wall (or all of the walls) would work. The continuous pattern keeps the eye moving and gives the false impression of more space.

Create a Distraction
Embellishing a shower or bathtub with beautiful and colorful tiles accomplishes two things. It adds glamour to otherwise boring surroundings and distracts the viewer from the actual size of the bathroom. The tiled area becomes the focus instead. Keeping to one small area can also cut down on the cost if you’re using expensive tile, yet also gives a luxurious touch. If you don’t want to cover a tub or shower, simply choose a wall and install a mosaic image as artwork.

Reflect on It
You may already know how using mirrors can create the illusion of depth. Using mirrored or glass mosaic tiles works the same way. The reflection from the tiles, especially if arranged in a vertical pattern, makes the bathroom look bigger. Bordering a mirror with glass tiles is another possibility, especially if the mirror is small. The reflective tiles give the illusion of more mirror space. Add good lighting and the effect is complete.


Mosaic tiles has long been used in bathroom decoration on walls, around sinks, and as a good option of Carpet Flooring Store San Diego store offers high quality tile and other flooring options for you to consider this trend.


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