4 Ways to Wish Happy Teacher’s Day to Your Teacher Amid Lockdown

Ever thought of thanking your tutor for teaching you the good values of life? Teacher’s day is a glorious day that falls on the 5th of September every year. Send greetings and wish them happy teachers day in a unique way on this September 5 amid lockdown. Teacher’s day is well-known all across India and is celebrated to honor the educators for his or her precious contributions in shaping their students to become responsible citizens of the country. The reason behind the celebration of teacher’s day on the 5th of September is to pay tribute to the former president Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

4 Unique Ways to Celebrinate Teacher’s day amid Lockdown

The educators are called the backbone of society. Teacher’s day is a special day when educators are recognized and honored by their students and the society for their vital role in creating responsible citizens. It is marked as the day of remembrance of the former president Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was a great scholar. Teacher’s day is soon approaching and here are some teachers day gift ideas to surprise your educator and to make them super surprised amid lockdown.

  1. Send flowers

With the advancement of technology, everything you need is now available at the doorstep. You do not need to put your efforts and valuable time to send gifts to your dear ones. The online flower shops are active 24/7 for your convenience and they even provide same-day flower delivery services. The flower shops online provide unique bouquet ideas to make a special bouquet of blooms for your beloved tutor. You don’t have to roam around the city to buy a bouquet of blooms, you can just place your order from your home. You can select the best one of your choice from online shops and arrange a collection of blooms in creative ways and impress your teacher. Your tutor will be super surprised to receive the bouquet of blooms from you.

  1. Thank you letter

Sometimes you miss some important people in your life. So are educators, we often forget the little conversation with them, the care, the influence, etc. Yes, it’s time to write a letter to your favorite teachers, thanking them for being so consistent in the classroom. Even in days they were in low spirits but spent their time and efforts to teach classes for you. Thank your tutor for all the sacrifices they made to teach you to the best of their ability. Mention every little and big thing they have ever done for you. Tell them that, they are your inspiration and a great guide. Make sure this letter reaches in hands of your tutor on teacher’s day as a special surprise for them.

  1. Teacher’s day gift

Gifts express more emotions and love than any other things do. Knowing the importance of this special day, florist and online gift shops are already out with the trending collections of teachers day gifts. From greeting cards to flowers, all gifts for teacher’s day are now available online. The only duty for you is to select the perfect gift for your teacher and send them to your favorite teacher through online delivery services. 

  1. A Surprise call

Your tutor will never expect a call from you in this lockdown. A surprise call is a fresh idea to surprise your tutor. The feeling your teacher gets when he/she receives a wish from you through phone can never be measured.  You can add additional love by making a group call or video call and express your love and gratitude for your tutor.

Final Thoughts

Special days and occasions hit us year after year. Only some of the special days stay in our hearts forever. Make this teacher’s day a pretty memorable one for your tutor by sending flowers and gifts this year. Make them understand the depth of love and respect you have for them. 

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