When you say dementia, it is the degeneration of the brain leading to serious loss of cognitive ability leading to massive memory loss and inability to control attention. It is commonly called old people disease. Now, what’s the connection of dementia with advertising? Simple, you want people to never forget your advertisements; thus, you don’t want people to have dementia when it comes to the ads you put out there.

Web design agencies Perth, there are certain basic concepts that could shed light on the things to avoid, risk or undertake. The aim of these concepts and theoretical discussions is for you to have the effect of a long lasting and unforgettable advertisements, one which people will remember even after it’s long gone.

√ Charge those positive ions.

In advertisements, use positive tones. As much as possible avoid using negative language like besmirching the reputation or credibility of your competitor. Besmirching tactics is an indirect method of calling the attention of your potential customer towards your competition and not to your product.

√ Focus on direct response advertisement techniques.

Now, this concept can be tricky. There are effective advertisement strategies that do not immediately show quantifiable results. In short, it takes time for you to be able to measure how effective your advertisements are. Examples are television and magazine advertisements. There can be no doubt that television advertisements are effective, however, it will take a while before you can measure the results. If you want to measure results, you can use the direct form of advertisements which are social media advertisements like emails, twitter, Facebook, just to name a few.

When using these social media tools, it is important that you lead your customers to access your website or to respond to your advertisement. One way to make them respond to you is leaving your URL to your ad and linking it to a discount coupon, or something like that. This way you can directly measure how effective your marketing strategy is.

√ Don’t afraid to distract them from their distracted thoughts.

Perhaps this method is more appropriate for televisions advertisements. Remember, people watch the programs, not the ads. Thus, when a program goes into a commercial, the people’s attention is distracted. Your television ad must have that potential of drawing their eyes back to the screen. How? By showing them virtually intrusive photos or videos integrated in your general marketing theme. This way, they will be curious enough to watch your advertisement.

√ Go over the top with words and terminologies.

Your ads should not be a platform to show people the correct use of grammar. Don’t be grammar conscious when using words. In fact, it’s even better if you coin words yourself, something that is new to the vocabulary of your customers. You can even be repetitious all throughout the ad in order to make it stick. What is important in advertising is you aim for an impressive and notable advertisement.

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