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Because your competitors are already installing new guest Wi-Fi solutions, and to be in the race; you need to. If there is no Wi-Fi facility in the restaurant, then customers will use their data plan at their expense. But nowadays, most of the restaurants are situated in shopping malls or in some locations where there is little or no 4G network coverage. And here, restaurant Wi-Fi plays a vital role in guest satisfaction.


Today’s customers expect excellent Wi-Fi in every restaurant, cafe, or bar and usually prefer to get online quickly. So, offering a fast, reliable, and easy to use Wi-Fi is essential to satisfy your customers, which can improve their waiting experience allows them to surf without fear of expensive data fees and daily data limits.


What are the features coming with Nanovise Restaurant Wi-Fi?


As you know, where there is the internet, there is a possibility of data theft, cybercrime, and slow internet speed. And due to these problems, Wi-Fi service becomes a headache for the hospitality sector.   Along with that, for restaurants providing free Wi-Fi to guests is an investment. And the restaurant must get some benefits in return for its investment; otherwise, it is a loss.


And here, the Nanovise Restaurant Wi-Fi Management System helps restaurants.   To restrict the unauthorized access, there are two options for Wi-Fi login, i.e., Facebook login and OTP base log in. And Restaurants can have full control over their Wi-Fi by setting speed and time limits of its Wi-Fi service.


Just by asking customers to register to use Wi-Fi, it is effortless for restaurants to collect valuable information about customers like phone number, e-mail, name, address, gender, age, etc.   Based on these data analytics, restaurants can tune their business strategies and design their marketing plans. It helps restaurants to increase their customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.


Our Wi-Fi Management System records when customers arrive and leave a restaurant and maintain a database. If a few customers have not been revisit in a while, a restaurant can trigger a targeted “we want you back” promotion to those and re-establish the connection with them again.


Restaurants can also run an automated satisfaction survey. With the help of their past behaviors, known interests and feedbacks restaurant can reach their most valuable customers before, during, and after their visits.

A restaurant can display its special offers, promotions, useful links on their Wi-Fi landing page. And the best thing about the Nanovise Restaurant Wi-Fi Management System is that restaurants can also generate huge revenue by promoting other vendors’ offers on their Wi-Fi landing page.


How Nanovise Restaurant Wi-Fi works?  


Upon accessing your hotspot, the customer is automatically redirected to the Restaurant self-branded login page.   Customers may select preferred connection methods, like social login(Facebook), access-code(OTP) login, and start using Wi-Fi.


Once logged-in, the customer may be redirected to view the desired website or promotion page.   Nanovise Restaurant Wi-Fi Management System will control the session duration, speed, and bandwidth, and optionally collect your customer’s e-mail, name, address, for your safety and marketing activity.


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