Easy Sharing Of Songs From Spotify To Social Media

In its mission statement, Spotify asserted that it works on unlocking the potentials of man creativity. With its practice to blur the line between Spotify and social media, the company stood by its mission statement well. Yes, Spotify here comes with a bunch of exciting tools that help in connecting itself with social media in all forms. If you are an artist looking for the best platform to showcase your skill, then Spotify is waiting eagerly for you. Be adventurous and share your latest melancholic masterpieces with your kinda music lovers. Celebrate the success or anniversary of any music album, or share your own special list to your bae. While you get a huge basket of opportunities to explore on Spotify, the platform truly is becoming your best singing supporter. In other words, sharing your best music from Spotify to social media platforms is perhaps the best way to make you a star.

While earlier the sharing options seemed limited, Spotify has now upped its game with all new tools and tricks to make your music shine on socials. Read on now.

  • Stories on Instagram

Wanna tell people about the song you listened to sleeping last night? Well, delete the screenshot you have already taken of the song. Spotify here brings up a special feature through which you can directly share your content to Instagram Stories. A tappable link will be presented on the story, through which your Instagram followers will get navigated to Spotify. The story will look appealing as your content will appear as a “sticker”. You can adorn your story with tags, captions or doodles. You now would have to post it as a story. Once you do that, your followers would be able to see a “Play on Spotify” option somewhere on the upper left. This way, your fans will have instant access to your melodies. To share your music as an IG story, launch the album or track you want to share, click on the three-dotted icon (…) to open the share menu and hit Instagram Stories. Easy- Peasy!

  • Stories On Facebook

Here also, the steps are quite similar to the ones needed for IG stories. Simply open the track or album you want to share, click on Share, hit on Facebook Stories, and boom! Half of your tasks are complete. You now need to embellish it a bit and share it on your newsfeed. What’s extra with Facebook stories is that your friends and followers would get to enjoy a 15-second preview of the shared track. If they like the preview, they will definitely tap on the “Play with Spotify” option. Note that these 15-second previews work only on tracks and not on albums.

  • Quick Access To Snapchat

Anyone can easily share Spotify music on Snapchat. The steps are simple and easy to follow. You simply need to select the track, playlist, or album and tap on ‘Snapchat’ option from the share menu. The full album art will be presented at the drop of a hat in a new Snap. Make some changes according to your wish and hit the send button. Your friends will be able to listen to the tracks once they swipe up to your story.

  • Spotify Codes 

Spotify is showcasing creativity at its best! Yes, the new Spotify code feature is here to help you with all your sharing woes. These codes can be easily scanned, both digitally and in reality. This unique Spotify code looks like a sound wave. You can find it below any track. To access it, you must click the three-dotted icon (…) and then click on the music art presenting the code. Now, tap on “Save to Photos” and here you go. You can now readily share this snap to your best of friends. They can listen to the shared music when they click on the Search option in the app. After this, they would simply need to click on the camera icon and place the camera directly above the code.

  • Sharing Canvas To IG Stories

In order to share Canvas artwork on Instagram Stories, you must launch the Spotify for Artists application and tap on Share on the music featuring your new Canvas art. Once you do that, the canvas will flash in the background of your IG story.

  • Editorial Playlists

The steps are simple. Launch the Spotify for Artists application, tap on the Music tab. Move to an individual track page. Now, click on the Playlists tab. If your track is on any personalized playlist, you will get to see a “Copy Unique Link” option. Share this link on your favorite social media platforms. If your followers click on the link within 24 hours of sharing it, s/he will be able to enjoy the track.

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