Pole Saw Safety Tips and Tricks for 2020

To remain healthy and look good, trees require occasional pruning to remove and thin out dense branches. The best tool that helps us tackle this job is the tree pole sawHowever, some people don’t use this tool from fear of accidents. But, by adhering to some simple pole saw safety tricks, anyone can prune their tree branches on their own. If you fall in this fearful category, this article will help you know some pole saw safety guidelines ad tricks.

  1. This time, reallyread the manual

Reading the manual may sound very boring, but anything that is meant to save your life is worth studying. You can find relevant technical instructions on how to handle and use the pole saw on the manual. It also includes additional safety and precaution remedies, as well as warnings. By the time you are done reading and understanding the instruction, you will be confident enough to give your pole saw a try.

  1. Put on Protective Clothes and Gears 

When operating a pole saw or any other outdoor power equipment, make sure you wear proper gear or the Personal Protective Equipment from top to bottom. For starters, ensure you have:

  • Safety boots to protect your feet and to maximize stability
  • Long pants or trousers to protect yourself from flying debris and mishaps
  • Helmet to protect yourself from falling tree branches
  • Facemask and safety goggles to protect your face and eyes
  • Non-slip work gloves to ensure perfect grip
  • Earplugs to protect yourself from pole saw loud noise.
  1. Inspect the pole before using

It doesn’t matter whether you have just bought your pole saw, make sure everything is working as expected. For instance, you need to:

  • Check the chain is at its right place and oiled
  • Check the teeth to find out if they are any missing or worn out saw teeth
  • And, try running the pole saw to see if it’s functional

After you are sure everything works correctly, you can now start pruning your tree.

  1. Check and Clear Working area. 

Before you start working, check if you need to remove anything around the tree that needs pruning, so you don’t break things around you. Also, inspect the weather. If its rainy, windy, or wet, it’s probably not the best time to take your power tool for a ride. Instead, wait for the rains to stop, the ground and trees to dry, and ensure the wind is not too strong. Ensure your furry friends are far from the working area, so they don’t lose their limps.

  1. Keep it Upright

This trick is meant to make the pole saw more manageable. If you keep it parallel to the ground, you will find it a bit heavy. Also, maintain firm two hands grip to ensure the saw doesn’t slip.

When working with pole saws, safety comes first and shouldn’t be compromised. Keep these tips in mind and ensure you read the user manual before you get to work.

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