Destiny 2: Top 8 Sniper Rifles for Season Arrival

The popularity of weapons in Destiny 2 is very high. Destiny 2 constantly provided updates and expansions for some specific weapons. Now after the recent update, “Shadowkeep” is encouraging the players to use the Sniper Rifles. The Snipers are replaced from the Grenade Launchers. It deals more damage in PvE battles. For PvP battles, Sniper Rifles are still considered as a precise weapon that kills opponents instantly. Destiny 2 has a variety of Sniper Rifles, and these are the best Snipers you can try.


Players who have played the Destiny 2 beta version, recognize the “Veist Sniper Rifle.” It has a similar look as “Apostate,” but is missing the Hives spikes.

Apostate comes with some random rolls. In the PvE battles, it can also get the Multikill Clip and Outlaw. Apostate is a perfect choice for PvP battles. Its aim assist is quite high because it can also roll with Moving Target and Quickdraw.

Alone As A God

To obtain an amazing sniper without spending hundreds of hours, the “Alone As A God” is a great option you can try. You just have to play the “Leviathan raid” to acquire this beast. The great thing about this sniper is that it has a huge 79 aim assist rate. You can quickly aim your enemy for a headshot in a PvP battle. For players who don’t want to spend much time acquiring a good sniper, Alone As A God is a great option for them.

Sole Survivor

This sniper was launched in the game during the Drifter season. “Sole Survivor” is one and only Energy Sniper Rifle that can easily work with “Firing Line” and “Fourth Time’s The Charm.” Its large magazines can take down any boss.

Firing Line is a great ability, and it offers an effective damage bonus when two or more than two friendly guardians are around. There are quite a few weapons that can defeat the sustain damage potential of the Sole Survivor.

Tatara Gaze

“Tatara Gaze” is a slow firing sniper, and that’s the reason, most of the players don’t remember it. It cannot roll with the infamous “Snapshot Sight Quickdraw”, but it can do something better than that. Tatara Gaze is a unique violent sniper in Destiny 2. It can get the Kill Clip as a perk. It has the potential to shut down the Super with a perfect headshot. In PvE battles, this sniper can help you a lot by putting extreme damage.


Opulence season launched some cool weapons to farm in “The Menagerie.” Among those several weapons, “Beloved” Sniper Rifle has its uniqueness. You can use this in PvP and PvE battles with a well-based roll. In the PvE match, Beloved can roll Fourth Time’s The Charm for a common amount of shorts from each magazine. You can also use the Snapshot Sight Quickdraw combination to dominate your enemy. Its speciality makes it the highest responsive snipers in Destiny 2.

The Supremacy

“The Supremacy” is well-known for its rapid-fire “Kinetic Sniper,” and it can deal massive damage in such short timing. For PvP battle, it’s a good choice, because it has potential for rolling the Kill Clip and Snapshot Sights together. However, Unlike Tatara Gaze, it is unable to kill the enemy instantly.

Eye Of Sol

After the retirement of Revoker, the “Eye of Sol” took its place. This deadly sniper has the potential to give its enemies the most deadly headshot in Destiny 2. All thanks go to its special perk “Celerity.” So if you are the last player left from your team, this sniper will work as a powerhouse. You don’t have to put many efforts to use this deadly sniper.

Izanagi’s Burden

“Izanagi’s Burden” has the highest damage potential in the game. The only drawback of this weapon is its lack of perks like Fourth Time’s The Charm or Firing Line.

Destiny 2 is popular for its weapon evolution and its growth. The entire game depends on the design, power and modification of the weapons. Those who love to play with unique firearms, wil love playing Destiny 2.

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