The outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic marked a downturn for various industries. However, some businesses are enabling many to sail through tough times.

Applications like Instacart and Walmart Grocery make it possible to get the groceries delivered at the doorstep even during the lockdown while others like Slack and Zoom are enabling workspace-collaboration, chatbots are helping in various healthcare awareness campaigns. In one or the way, software applications are aiding businesses to continue their services.

Considering the increasing demand for software, it has become crucial for software developers to follow the best development practices.

Here are the software development trends you need to be aware of:

Cross-Platform Development Tools:

In the past, developing applications often meant choosing to start from a single platform like Android or iOS. Software developers needed to create two different versions for two different platforms.

However, we at Systango (software development company London)

utilize modern cross-platform development platforms like Microsoft’s Xamarin and Google’s Flutter to develop apps that work on every major mobile platform.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has been around for a long time. But, the way of its adoption and usage is enhancing every year drastically. Software companies in UK and various other parts of the world are adopting AI in their software to offer a little extra to their clients.

5G Network:

5G Network is expected to hit the ground at the end of this year. The technology being 100 hundred times faster than 4G is alluring a lot of software development companies. It has been presumed that 5G networks will come with better data security. It is yet to be defined how this upcoming technology will amaze us!

The Internet of Things

IoT has been a software development trend for long and it will continue to be one in the next decade. IoT has reached people’s homes in the form of Alexa, however, it is yet to bring something more advanced.

When it comes to software development, IoT offers user-friendly, reliable and secure solutions.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is again not something which is new. However, the constant upgrades in virtual reality and augmented reality is going to rock the world with amazing abilities in the coming years. Companies are following giants like Walmart and the US army and planning to develop the apps based on virtual reality and mixed reality.


We, at Systango, a software development agency based out of London, keep up with the latest software development trends in the market. Our software development remains aligned with all the latest technologies and tools as we believe in turning your ideas into reality!

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