Does your Smartphone know to swim? During the summer and rainy period, most of the phone gets in touch with the water. So it is better to protect the phone from any further damage when you are moving for the beach or pool time. For better results, everyone can invest in a floating waterproof phone pouch that is manufactured by brands like MPOW or JOTO. Another major cause of phone damage is overheating that can eventually damage the phone. But, in case your Smartphone sinks into the water, then 8 different measures could help you to come out of this tough situation.

Step to fix the damage caused by water:

• If you drop your phone in water, then remove it immediately from the liquid. Longer it stays in liquid, maximum seepage via cracks of the screen and other inlets.
• Quickly turn it off and leave it.
• Remove the protective cover, battery, SD card, and SIM card above the liquid has seeped in.
• Make use of any dry material such as a paper towel or cotton cloth to dab and dry out the phone. Be cautious that do not make rub to make the phone dry as it could easily invite an accident of scattering liquid to a sensitive section of the phone.
• In case your phone was completely submerged then you must try out for vacuuming the crack present on the phone and later followed with the opening of the sensitive part of the phone to suck out the water after visiting Phone Water Damage Repair centers.
• In case you are still trying it out at home then bake the phone under sunlight for several hours until it completely gets dried. And later allow being kept in a cool and dry place.
• Another method that is considered reliable is the use of a silica gel packet that has provided effective results. Completely bury the phone in the bag filled with the silica gel and allow it to stay there for at least 2 complete days that range to approx 48 hours.
• After the phone gets dried completely switch it on and still if it makes out the necessary step than its clear that the issue has arisen in the motherboard which eventually means to go with Motherboard Repair.

The best solution for water damaged phones:

Now comes the time to take your phone to the trusted repair house following the brand. iPhone Screen LCD Repair house is considered to be the best solution for the iPhone as well as for the other brands too. Water can easily seep into the areas where the hand cannot reach so the access in the expert hand must fetch better results. If the warranty is still functioned then make a call to the customer care for fetch required service. And if not you need to visit reputed Phone Water Damage Repair house like Citrimobile to come up with the required output with its experience. Generally, iPhone is insured so you can even try out their iPhone Screen LCD Repair centers or as per the insurance process for the claim to purchase a new Smartphone.

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