5 Activities You Can Enjoy While Smoking a Pipe

Smokers like to smoke pipes to relax and unwind. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t perform other tasks while enjoying your smoke. There are dozens of activities you can enjoy while enjoying your smoke. Here are a few acts you should consider trying out when next you light your pipe:

Reading a Book

We all know the iconic image of sitting on a sofa reading a newspaper with a pipe in your mouth. If you’re smoking, consider using the opportunity to start that new book, this week’s sports digest, or any piece of literature. To get that iconic look, it wouldn’t hurt to perform this activity on your sofa. Adding your reading glasses to the folly will provide you with that sophisticated touch.

Walking Your Pet

It would help if you considered taking your dog for a walk while smoking your pipe. Fill your smoking tool with a premium brand such as Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco 1 lb Natural, get your canine friend and head out the front door. Walking your dog is an excellent way to stretch your legs and keep your pet healthy.

Watching a Movie

Here, you can replay the sofa scenario again. Only this time, a fantastic movie replaces a captivating article. Consider smoking your tobacco pipe while seeing a movie in your living room.


Many smokers go for this combo, smoking your pipe and stargazing. You can sit outside, look to the stars, and enjoy a smooth premium smoke. A beautiful sunrise or amazing scenery will suffice if you find it exciting and relaxing. The key here is to go with a top-shelf brand, such as one of Smoker’s Outlet bestsellers, OHM Pipe Tobacco 1 lb. Natural.

Playing Chess

Many regard chess as a game of the mind and one you play with friends. It fosters healthy competition, which is a trait many movies explore when depicting the long-term friendship between characters. Invite your smoking buddy and challenge them to an intriguing chess game while enjoying your pipes.

Final Thoughts

There are dozens of activities you can do while smoking a pipe other than those listed in this write-up. Some of these acts include listening to a soothing playlist, enjoying a coffee, fishing in a lake, and more.

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