5 Advantages Of MyCuteStickons Wallpaper That Will Convince You.

The wallpaper has long since taken a leading role in home decor, by eating more and more ground to painting walls when dressing. An option that allows you to give a new look to any space in a simple, very original way and achieving simply spectacular results that adapt to all tastes.

We can say that wallpapers have become one of the most popular decorative options today.

Among the main reasons is the enormous leap in quality that has been made in recent years with the arrival of new technologies.

Likewise, the accent should be placed on the use of better materials that offer greater durability and a more attractive image, and the enormous variety of designs with different textures and finishes, which allow you to choose from a wide range of possibilities.

Even so, there are still many who are reluctant to use wallpaper in decoration and have doubts when it comes to betting on it and implementing it in their homes. 

If this is your case, with this post we will try to convince you and encourage you to take the step, showing you the 5 main advantages of wallpaper compared to conventional paint, as well as a series of exclusive models that will leave you speechless. We started!

The 5 advantages of wallpaper that will drive you to bet on it:

  1. Exclusivity

One of the advantages of the MyCuteStickons wallpapers for walls that convinces us the most is that each wallpaper allows us to create unique and exclusive decorative combinations. Something that does not happen with paint, which limits you to certain colors and shades available.

The possibilities offered by decorative paper are innumerable, being easy to find the one that best fits you and the rest of the decoration. Also, the image reproduction of a quality wallpaper is unmatched, allowing the creation of optical and decorative effects capable of making a difference.


2. Wide variety of styles

There is such a variety of styles and designs available that you can find, that you will not know which to decide, you will want to take them all! This is an advantage that goes hand in hand with the previous one since this variety of styles makes it much easier to give your home the exclusivity you are looking for.

You decide the style of decoration. You can opt for a classic and conventional wallpaper model, or if you prefer, for a paper with a more modern pattern, or a mural that allows you to fill any room with color and personality. It doesn’t matter what space you want to decorate; in the wallpaper, you will find your great ally.

Do not have any doubt that you will find the right wallpaper for every room, including the bathroom and kitchen since there are models specially designed for the decoration of humid spaces that you should not lose sight of. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to enter our website.


3. Easy to put on

If until now one of the main drawbacks that wallpaper had compared to painting was its difficulty in installing it, this will no longer have to worry you its placement has become an advantage.

Yes, and the fact is that Mycutestickons wallpapers have advanced so much that nowadays they are very easy to put on and also to remove. 


You can install them yourself easily and without complications, achieving a perfect finish.

4. Clean like the first day

If you are a person who likes to always have the perfect home and you are concerned about cleanliness, wallpaper is a very good option for you. 

Why? Because decorative paper is easy to clean and is very resistant to shocks, this being one of its main advantages compared to painting, which makes the passage of time, not a problem, since, with a little care, you can keep it as the first day.

There are paper models that are more washable than others, such as vinyl paper, but all allow cleaning. Of course, so that there is no problem and guarantee its perfect condition, it is important to take a series of precautions:

  • Use a damp cloth, applying non-aggressive liquid detergent, and rub gently.
  • Wipe paper towels before wiping the paper to reduce the moisture from the stain.
  • Use microfiber cloths for cleaning. They are designed to absorb dirt.
  • Do not clean the paper until at least three days have passed since it was installed.
  • Do not use solvent cleaners.

Also, if you are going to install wallpaper in the bathroom or kitchen, it is highly recommended to install a vinyl wallpaper model, which is the one that is more resistant to humidity, abrasion, and condensation, offering you more facilities for its cleaning.


5. Ideal for children’s spaces

The Mycutestickons wallpaper is an ideal choice for decorating children ‘s spaces, and you can go far beyond conventional colors, decorating a bedroom in an original and fun way.

At Mycutestickons we have a huge variety of children’s wallpapers, with models for all ages and tastes that will adapt perfectly to what you are looking for.

We have baby wallpapers, toddler models, and a wide selection of young adult wallpapers. Take a look at them and choose the one you like best to decorate the bedroom of the little one in the house.


As you can see, betting on wallpaper for decoration is a safe bet, with which you will enjoy all these advantages, as well as many others that you will be checking from the moment you have it installed on your wall.

If you have finally convinced yourself, do not hesitate to take a tour of our catalog of exclusive wallpapers, as you will find endless models that will be perfect in your home and will fit in with the idea you had in mind.

If you have any questions, on our blog we offer you multiple ideas that will help you achieve the best results. And if you want, you can contact us without any problem. We will be delighted to assist you!


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