5 advantages of sand making machine

The whole set of machine-made sand production line is a special production line equipment for the production of construction sand and stone. It is composed of a professional sand making machine and other ancillary equipment. It can be processed into sand of different rules and sizes according to different technological requirements, and the processed finished products are more Specifications As the urban development enters a mature stage, the characteristics of large-scale and large-scale infrastructure projects are becoming more and more prominent. The equipment quality requirements for sand and gravel aggregates are also very high. Let’s take a look at the features of the new environmentally friendly sand making machine?

1. Energy saving

The adoption of new manufacturing technology improves the production capacity of the sand making machine and at the same time improves the crushing efficiency. The environmentally friendly sand making machine has an output of 100-500 tons per hour, and its energy consumption is only 60% of that of pain-producing equipment. The production process is stable and reliable, reducing system energy consumption.

2. Excellent finished product

The finished product produced by the environmentally friendly sand making machine has good shape, cubic shape, uniform texture, and few needle-like materials. Compared with other sand making equipment, the sand making effect is better and the finished product has higher economic value.

3. Wear resistance and durability

Optimize the impact angle of materials in the crushing cavity, reduce friction with wear-resistant parts, and reduce the probability of equipment failure; special wear-resistant materials are used for easy-wear parts and important parts to appropriately extend the service life of the equipment and reduce user production costs.

4. Flexible operation

The hydraulic cover opening device is used to facilitate the maintenance and repair of internal parts and shorten the time for equipment downtime. It is also equipped with automatic detection and alarm devices, which can issue warnings under severe conditions to protect the equipment.

5. Green and environmental protection

The environmentally friendly sand making machine has low working noise, and the special vortex chamber airflow self-circulation system can effectively reduce dust in the production process, reduce dust emissions, realize green production and protect the environment.

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