5 Astonishing Ways To Use Silica Gel

You might have noticed silica gel packets come with a lot of products like new bottles, bags, and even some food items. We all are aware that it is used as a drying agent to bring down the levels of moisture and humidity in many materials.

So, we have curated a list of five astonishing ways in which silica gel can be used to preserve your stuff.

1. All the fitness freaks might be aware of the smell that develops inside the gym bags after few uses. The smell is because of the bacteria that develop from the moisture in sweaty clothes. So, you can use silica gel packets to get rid of the moisture and make your gym bag fresh again.

2. Most of you might have lost a lot of our razors to rusting. Don’t worry because silica gel has come to your rescue. All you need to do is wipe your razor after use and put it inside a plastic box with some silica gel packets. Your razors will stay the same for a really long time.

3. You might know how cell phones start working after being dropped into the water if we keep them inside rice bags. But using silica gelfor the same is an even better alternative. Just place your phone in any container and cover it entirely with silica gel. After 24 hours, you’ll find it works just like before.

4. Every girl hates the fact that liquid makeup sometimes leaks into the makeup pouch and ruins all of the items inside. Well, silica gel is your makeup pouch’s best friend. Just drop in a few packets inside the pouch and always find it in the driest condition.

5. If you don’t use your luggage very frequently, then you can put some packets inside to protect it from mold growth when it isn’t being used.

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