5 Basic Cave Diving Rules You Must Remember

Cave diving! It is an adventurous sport and an exciting way to float through the underwater caves and explore the deep caverns. But without the proper training and knowledge in Cave diving Tulum Mexico, it can be dangerous. Also, you need to master a few drills including addressing the equipment failure, ways to deal with the solution when the tank runs out of air, how to handle when your dive buddy loses in the cave, and more. Continue reading to know the 5 golden rules that you should follow and remember when going cave diving.

1. Cave Diver Training

Before you get on any cave diving venture, you must know the basics. When it comes to the theory side, the professional will give you the complete instructions. You have to get the open water certification that will take you to the entrance and beyond of the cave. The cave courses will cover the cavern diving to a certain depth and the diffusion into the cave past any sunlight reach. With the help of this certificate, you can even explore mines and wrecks easily.

2. Understanding The Rule Of Thirds

The rule of third is designed to provide a safety margin when you embark on cave diving. The common idea is you would use one-third of your gas on diving, another one is for existing diving, and the final one is to cope with any sudden emergencies. Gas management is imperative for any technical dive and it should be followed.

3. Always Use A Continuous Guidelines

When you dive into the cave system, it is easy to get lost in the cavern even if the visibility is perfect. So, this is vital to use the continuous guidelines always to the surface for your safety. You would learn how to practice and become well-versed in the art of laying a guideline. It will be handy for you to find the way out of the cave and avoid the chances of losing.

4. Carry Minimum 3 Lights During The Dive

The cave is not completely dark more than often, so to avoid any anxiety, you have to carry three light sources. The dive lights have 3 types of bases – light-emitting diodes, halogen, and high-intensity discharges types. Most of the cave divers opt to use the lights with narrow beams, therefore try to keep all of them with you.

5. Know Your Dive Limits

One of the golden rules that you must follow when going the Cave diving Riviera Maya is to end the dive at a particular depth. You must know your dive limits and explore under the sea depending on this limit, which helps to avoid accidents under the water.

Final Lines

Following the above basic rules properly will assure you have a cave diving adventure that is fuelled with adrenaline and gives you confidence.

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