5 bedtime habits that will improve your sleep quality

Good sleep is key to good health. It is as important as regular exercise and a good diet for health. It  is important for your physical as well as mental health stability.  People ignore the importance of good sleep until it gets severe. According to research, People of today’s time are deprived of adequate sleep according to their requirements. This can get you into serious health-related problems. So it is essential to maintain a proper sleep routine and follow it.  A revamp of your routine can help you sleep better and can change your life. ‘Sleep hygiene’ is a term coined by experts for a better sleep routine. It doesn’t mean going to bed clean and neat or taking a bath but to develop a good sleep routine and making it a bedtime habit that improves your sleep quality. changes you should make to maintain sleep hygiene,   Here are 5  bedtime habits that will  improve your sleep quality, 

 Create a sleep environment

A good sleep-oriented environment includes dark dim lights, a comfortable bed, mattress, pillows, blankets, duvets etc. The place where you sleep equally matters in the quality of sleep you get. You may never get sound sleep if the environment is not sleep oriented. Bed and mattress matter the most. If the mattress you sleep on is not comfortable and fails to provide you enough support, you may stay deprived of good sleep. Good mattresses are capable of making anyone sleep peacefully.


  Stay away from electronics.

Keep electronics like cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. away from you when you go to bed. There are many reasons to follow this habit.  Electronics are a major sleep distraction and can keep you away from a good sleep. Using electronics in dim lights can cause eye-related problems. It can increase strain on the eyes and stress on the brain. You invite a number of health issues because of these. Headaches, dark circles and itchy eyes are some common problems.  Activating blue light features can manipulate your eyes. It may not cause straining but stress remains the same. So keeping electronics away during bedtime is overall a good habit to inculcate. 


  Avoid late-night caffeine

This is an implied condition when you look forward to maintaining sleep hygiene and good bedtime habits. Restricting yourself on caffeine intake during late hours of the day can help you with good and undisturbed sleep. Drinking coffee after sunset and early night hours can keep you away from sleep. You may stay awake and active for hours late at night. This is not a habit you should have in your sleep schedule or bedtime habit. Eating or drinking things that can make you sleepy or dizzy are better options to choose for sleeping.


 Avoid sleeping immediately after dinner.

It may not feel easy to sleep immediately after having your dinner.  The digestion process takes time and while digestion takes place, the body stimulates instead of relaxing. The moments happening inside your body can keep your brain active. It can keep you away from a good and deep sleep. In order to maintain sleep hygiene and good bedtime habits,  avoid eating heavy food, or maintain a gap between sleep and dinner of about 2 hours. Sleeping with a light stomach can help you get a good and comfortable sleep.


 Sleeptime meditation

Meditation is a ‘must-do’ thing when you want a good sleep.  Performing meditation regularly can keep your mind calm and away from negative thoughts. It may help you stay away from overthinking and stress too. You can perform meditation at night before sleeping in your bed. A little bit different in the style you can perform this sleeping meditation before sleeping in a sleeping position. Take out a few minutes and try to meditate before sleeping. This can clear all the thoughts running in your mind and can calm your brain. Peaceful sleep becomes easy when you sleep after performing meditation. 20 minutes of meditation every day can keep you healthy mentally and help you get good sleep every day.

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