5 benefits of using a drone for land surveys

By using a drone to execute a land survey has grown to be popular lately. As a result of large range of advantages linked to its use, drone surveying is certainly a useful tool for most projects. Have more information about Drone Surveyors Wiltshire

Exact and trustworthy surveying services

Right here at South West Surveys, we’re professionals in offering correct and trustworthy surveying services for any wide range of building and landscape design projects. Using the increasing need, we have recently included drone land surveys to the considerable repertoire.

We have taken a look at how drone land surveys work, what they are used for along with their advantages.

How exactly does a drone survey work?

Drones are often known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

When used for conducting a survey, they seize aerial data employing a LiDAR scanning device and data capture sensors that are attached to the drone. The scanner generates a laser heartbeat which accumulates ground sizes by working out of the time it usually takes for that beam of light hitting the ground and mirror back again.

Multiple photographs are undertaken from the land below in order to item together a full picture from the space. This maps natural and physical characteristics, shape and elevations with a site.

Using the grabbed data, a number of deliverables can be produced. This includes both 2D and 3D formats, such as land survey sketches and digital terrain models. These are typically a good choice for supplying an exact digital representation of current architecture and topography.

Crucially, all drone surveys should be taken on by way of a man or woman or company which is licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Though drones fly at a decrease altitude than manned aircraft, users must still follow UK aviation restrictions.

What can drone surveying be applied for?

There are a number of projects that aerial drone surveys can be used as, such as:

Topographic surveys

Perfect for accumulating data about natural and gentleman-created sites, as well as both small and enormous land areas, a drone survey is well-fitted to topographic surveys.

Roof inspections

A drone survey permits fast access to hard-to-achieve rooves for inspection, consequently eliminating the requirement for time-rigorous work and expensive equipment.

Construction inspections

For effective monitoring from the on-site progress of the construction project, a drone survey can be used as a brief method to get as-built data.

Property condition surveys

A drone survey can capture photogrammetry to generate high-solution orthomosaics which make it possible for digital visualisation of small and not reachable regions.

Infrared energy imaging surveys

Ideal for and helps to ensure BREEAM (Building Research Business Ecological Assessment Technique) concurrence, drone surveys can be used as infrared thermal detection and energy imaging on the building or construction site.

What are the advantages of using a drone to get a survey?

Drone surveys have several positive aspects which can make them a very beneficial survey solution for most projects. Included in this are:


Employing a drone for any land survey is actually a quick and easy way to obtain data. This may cause the surveying method much more time powerful than other approaches such as terrestrial surveys.

In contrast to a normal topographic survey might entail two surveyors investing weekly on site to recover the data, a drone survey can achieve the same results in a few hours, even on bigger sites.

Also, using the data gathered faster, plans and designs can be achieved and delivered quicker, ensuing in the fast turnaround time that a great many clients look for.


As being a drone survey is significantly easier and considerably less labour intensive than other surveying strategies, it is more cost-effective.

Time where a drone survey can be carried out means that significantly less area time and manpower is necessary. This slashes the work fees and so the very same survey data might be gathered and provided at the reduced price general.

Safer Entry

With consumption of a drone, earlier inaccessible or dangerous places might be more quickly and safely achieved.

While there are many restrictions, such as use in densely stuffed places or during adverse weather problems, drone surveys can operate in most locations. Which means that unpleasant ground and unreachable places could be taken relatively effortlessly.

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