5 Best Accounting and Bookkeeping Software Tools Loved by Small Business

Probably the last you studied accounting was back in school or college. And now that you are all set to start a small business, you cannot afford to hire an account. If that sounds like you, do you know what you can do? Don’t worry, there is some best small business accounting software that suits your business and helps you meet your budget and needs.

Now if you have just started looking for the perfect app, it can be really hard to know what to do, which solutions pack you need, and whether it is good for your startup size. That is why we have compiled a list of the best accounting software to suit small businesses. But, before starting you need to keep in mind a few things and find answers to a few questions.

Identify Your Needs

Prepare a list of your accounting needs and sort them from least to most important. Now decide an appropriate number of needs you want your software solution to meet. You can be flexible but you need to be very clear about what you want.

Research For Features That Meet Your Needs

Having a lot of features is good but if you are considering software that provides accounting services for global teams and your business is limited only to the US then you might find yourself paying for a lot of things you don’t even use and need. Therefore, whenever you get distracted, look at your prioritized list, and only look for the software and serves the maximum of your needs.

Pick a solution that will grow with you

There is no point in changing your software now and then. Of course, if the software is not working for you, you will have to change it. However, if you are changing the software just because you have outgrown it then you need to visionary. Know at what speed your sales usually grow and choose a software that grows with you. Here is the list of 5 best software we think will work for you:

1. Intuit QuickBooks Online

The app comes with receipt capture, round the clock support over chat, and supports PayPal, Square, and Shopify. All these features are the reason why it is best for small businesses. The software lets you keep a check on your income and expenses provide you invoices and also accept payments. You can form reports, create estimate charts, record sales and taxes, as well as manage receipts. The high priced plans let you check inventory, manage time, and also launch full-service payroll.

Starting Price: $8/month

2. FreshBooks

Do you need to send out lots of invoices, want to track time, or work out a subscription business, all you need is FreshBooks? It even lets you know the exact area where a customer checked your invoice. This way you will never have to deal with their lame excuses. The software works with many applications and presents before you a single and simple dashboard from where you can organize and your finances and handle your accounting. It securely backups all your data at regular intervals and it also has a mobile app with which you can keep a check on your business.

Starting Price: $15/month

3. Pabbly

The full name of Pabbly is Pabbly Subscription Billing which is a management software for recurring and subscription and is most suitable for small and medium-sized ventures. The software helps you with real-time calculations of your monthly expenses, earnings, net earnings, present and active clients, as well as new parties. The app is very convenient as it automatically handles all your business workflows, client interaction, and creation of invoices to enable you to only concentrate on the growth of your business. The most amazing part of Pabbly is, it is the only software that has no extra charges on per-transaction and revenue generation of each month. It also compliant with the PCI billing, and is compatible with more than 23 foreign currencies and online payment sites such as PayPal, Stripe, etc.

Starting Price: $9/month

4. Wave

Are you a freelancer or do you work with only a very small number of employees? If yes, then try Wave. The best thing about this app is that most parts of it are free, even the invoice and transaction surveillance. Also, all your input data is linked with Wave’s software, therefore you are always up to date with your bookkeeping. But in case you want to have a time tracking feature, or inventory check, or work management, look for something else.

Starting Price: Free

5. AccountEdge Pro

If you are not much used to handling your business via mobile phones, then AccountEdge is for you. Why? Because with it, you get dual accounting entry tools, billing tools, and inventory reporting, that can be customized and are adjusted only for the desktop users. However, if you are someone who is always on the go and likes to manage everything through mobile phones then this app will suit you as well. All because it comes with a cloud-collaboration alternative that you will have to purchase.

Starting Price: One-time fee of $399

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