5 Best Cameras for Monitoring your Pet

It is hard to leave your pet alone when nobody is home to monitor the pet, and especially if the pet is mischievous. They might break expensive decorative items and hurt themselves while being alone at home. In that case, it best to have an ideal pet camera to watch the behavior of your pet from time to time.

Here are the best options for you:

1. JEMPET Pet Feeder Camera

You must feed your pet on time to keep it happy or healthy. Feeding the pet becomes a significant issue while you are not at home. The JEMPET Pet Feeder is one of the best solutions to supply food and have a chat. You can either send a 60-second of quick video that will be shown before feeding or directly have a two-way conversation with your phone.

With this food dispenser, you can serve an ideal amount of food to your pet all the time. You need to integrate the camera of pet feeder with your phone to check the attached bowl’s status. If you see the food bowl empty, there is an option to add food with the touch of a button.

2. Bioxo Pet Monitor Camera

The Bioxo Pet Monitor Camera offers 360-degree watching angle, which makes ideal to see your pet wherever he goes. You will be alerted every time on the phone whenever any motion will be detected on the camera. Your pet will be visible even in the dark as this camera has an infrared LED. It allows you to add six different members for watching your pet’s activities as well. This pet camera supports two-way audio as well as 1080p video quality.

3. Felix and Fido Petbot

Felix and Fido Petbot is one of the unique pet cameras available in the market. It comes installed inside a remote and offers controls of the camera through a dedicated smartphone. Hence, you can easily reach any corner of your house to see your pet while you will be out somewhere. You can use the built-in laser pointer or serve a treat as well, with the Felix and Fido Petbot. The best thing is you can even talk through the robot with your pet.

4. PetChatz HD Camera

Stay connected with your pet everywhere you go with the PetChatz HD Camera. Once you install this pet camera near the food bowl, you can easily connect with your pet through your smartphone or computer. The ring on the camera will alert your pet whenever you call for ideal interaction. Your face will be seen to the pet on the LCD screen of the camera, which will make your pet feel good while you are not around. It is possible to serve a treat with the PetChatz camera also.

5. Pawbo Life Camera

Offer food and play with your pet in an ideal way remotely through the Pawbo Life Camera. It consists of a laser pointer to let your pet follow the laser and make them feel like you are present there. Your pets are destined to come near the camera whenever it rings. You can serve them food whenever they come near the camera and take care of them ideally.

It is possible to even share the videos on through installing the Pawbo life app in your phone. The Pawbo Life Camera is compatible with eight devices for tuning in. Let your loved ones connect with your pets via your pet cam too.  All in all, these are a few of the best cameras for taking care of your pet. Buy any one of them and give the proper attention that your pet craves. Also, Furbo Dog Camera and Petzi Treat Cam are the other two great option for using.

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