5 Best Chrome Extensions to Increase the Browsing Speed

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world. But sometimes it may slow down and even lag. Many reasons cause the slow performance of your Chrome browser. Thankfully, many extensions can boost the speed of your Google Chrome browser. Today we are going to tell you about some of the best Chrome extensions that will enhance the speed and performance of your browser.

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1. FasterChrome

FasterChrome claims to be capable of boosting your overall browsing speed by tracking your mouse patterns and by sensing what link you are going to click and pre-loads it before you click on it to open it instantly when clicked. When your mouse cursor stays over a link for more than 65 milliseconds, it starts loading the link in the background. According to the company, if a cursor stays more than 65 milliseconds on a link, then there are 50% chances that you will click the link.

2. AMP Browser Extensions

AMP is used in most smartphones to load websites rapidly, but you can also access those AMP pages on your PC browser by installing this extension. Download it now to experience enhanced speed and save your data. It optimizes and tweaks the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of a webpage which decreases the overall time and data required to load a page.

3. Web Boost

It uses a unique method to enhance the speed of Chrome browser on your PC. It stores building blocks in your Chrome browser. It identifies common building blocks in various websites and stores them to load them instantly when required. For Instance, your browser loads the social sharing buttons on each website when you open, but it stores them to use in the future.

4. Shut Up

Comments are one of the most influencing factors over the internet; they consume your time, data, and speed while loading. According to a great website, comments are just like sinkhole in which you fall without any intention. Sometimes you may spend a lot of time just reading comments, which prevents you from doing other more important tasks. Shut Up Chrome extension basically blocks comments wherever you visit, which results in enhancing the overall speed. If you are not willing to leave your habit of reading comments, then this extension is not for you.

5. McAfee Web Boost

The most annoying feature that is offered by modern blogs and websites is that a random video starts playing when you visit on a website. It heavily affects your browsing speed and performance. By installing this extension on your Chrome browser, you can get rid of those random video playbacks.

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