5 Best Commercial Door Locks You Can Buy Online

A door lock is the preferred option for securing your front door when you don’t live in a place that has been invaded by burglars. You can purchase a commercial-grade door lock from any number of companies, but the most common are Yale and Schlage. These two are not only quite the best, but they offer hundreds of commercial door hardware products and have a reputation of making the best commercial door locks in terms of quality and reliability. These brands are recognized by people across the world as reliable safeties for your home, office, or store. But as the eCommerce space is expanding, retailers like Park Avenue Locks are bringing all these brands under one place. Here’s a list of the 5 best commercial door locks you can buy online.

1. Alarm Lock DL2700 Trilogy Push Button Keypad Lock:

This lock is connected to a security system that uses the alarm from a keypad. The system can be configured, depending on the user’s needs. This particular version of the Trilogy locks is designed for simple installations in places like restaurants, hotels and small offices where you don’t want to spend too much money or effort. It has a combination of buttons and a keypad which makes it clear when you are trying to unlock your door or enter your codes. It also automatically locks itself.

2. Cal-Royal Calypso Series Grade 1 Classroom Intruder Lever Lock: Commercial door locks are a perfect choice for public places like schools and gymnasiums where you want to protect valuable items. It has a hardened steel body, which makes it safe from attacks by any kind of tools. It also incorporates a lever which is strong and durable. This lets business owners and managers rest assured that no one can access the place at odd hours. The lock prevents unauthorized entry into rooms by intruders during such times.

3. ABH 6500 Series Push-Side Privacy Cylindrical Hospital Push/Pull Latch: The ABH is a hospital grade lock, which is used to secure emergency exits and doors. It protects each patient’s file from unauthorized access. This lock is easy to install and can be used in hospitals or any other institutions that store confidential information of patients. These locks are ideal for high-security applications because they are designed to resist manipulation and they incorporate features like dual locking levers that restrict entry by unauthorized people when locked. When unlocked, the locking mechanisms retract to make manual operation easier but they automatically lock again if the door closes while remaining locked from the inside using a key or electronic system like a code.

4. Yale 8827FL Hotel/Motel Mortise Lever Lock: The Yale 8827FL is a mortise lever lock that can be used in hotels and motels. It has a solid design with a steel body that makes it resistant to attacks by any kinds of tools. The lock’s lever is made from hardened steel, which adds to the resistance, making it tough for people to break into the place without keys. For reliable protection of your valuable items, you should use this lock, which comes in different finishes like satin chrome and polished brass.

5. Schlage AL10S Grade 2 Commercial Passage Lever Latch: This is a lever latch that can resist attacks by any kind of tools including hand tools, which makes it ideal for places like schools and libraries. It is designed to be used on doors which need to be protected from anyone entering without the authority to do so. The lock has a solid steel construction with a dark bronze finish that ensures long-lasting service. The mortise deadbolt locks from Schlage have a privacy solution that prevents unwanted entry into your place by people trying to spy on you or gather information about your activities. Commercial door locks by Schalge come in different finishes and are easy to install because they use an existing door mortise hole for the installation.

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