5 Best Free PowerPoint Alternatives in 2020

Presentations are a perfect way to illustrate your message and point during a business meeting. Whether you are in a physical meeting or virtual conference, presentations have been one of the crucial aspects to empower your performance and strategies. Whenever someone talks about creating remarkable presentations, the Microsoft Office PowerPoint software comes to our mind.

The Microsoft Office subscription can be a little expensive for specific individuals. For those, we have a list of free Microsoft Office PowerPoint alternatives. These presentation designing tools are available for free.


Without wasting any further time, let’s begin.

Canva- The Best Free PowerPoint Alternative

It has everything you need while creating a PPT, whether using predesigned graphics, or various fonts. It is a highly powerful tool that allows you to create endless presentations. You can get its Pro version for 13 USD/month. The Pro version has tons of templates and extra resources that can be highly beneficial for your creative projects.

It is a cloud-based software and doesn’t require any obscure installation process. The free version is also a lot more helpful than you may think. Even though it has tons of features, it is far simpler to use than PowerPoint.


It is an artificial intelligence-driven tool that mainly focuses on slide design and layouts. Just add your raw content to this software, and it will help you turn it into a gorgeous presentation. It will also consider your target audience while creating the presentations. According to several reports and surveys, this tool does certainly appreciable work. It can help you decode the plain text into a beautiful and charming set of slides in no time. The artificial intelligence analyzer of this tool does a remarkable job while you use it effectively.

As it is a kind of automatic tool that runs on AI, you might take a little more time to get familiar with it. Using this tool is simple. You need to only put in your text and pictures, choose colors and layouts, and it will create slides for you.

With the free version, you have some restrictions. You can access only 100 slides in a single presentation, which is suitable for regular projects. In the free version, other features are also limited, and you will get fewer collaboration functions. Once you get the pro version, which costs 15 USD/month, you will access dozens of advanced tools.


It is one of the famous MS PowerPoint competitors and provides extensive features for creating and editing presentations. You can easily integrate it into the video conferencing services such as Slack or Zoom to use presentations during meetings. Suppose you want to download and install a good presentation creator tool on your computer instead of Microsoft’s beast. In that case, you might find its free variant a little inferior to other powerful tools. Therefore we recommend you subscribe to its 5 USD per month package which will easily make you forget PowerPoint. The paid version is full of sophisticated features that put it even above PowerPoint.


Paste is one of the most user-friendly and straightforward alternatives to PowerPoint. You will get all the functions that you expect from a basic presentation tool. It has imagery, fonts, layouts, and more. Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to use.

Google Slides

It might be a little mediocre compared to the Office PowerPoint, but it still holds its own when it comes to creating engaging slides. Moreover, you can use it anytime and anywhere in a web browser, which is a pretty substantial advantage of Google Slides. As Google has developed this cloud-based tool, it has an elegant and bug-free design which makes it a perfect PowerPoint substitute.

This marks the list of the five best PowerPoint alternatives available for free right now. All of the options mentioned in the list are feature-packed and user-friendly.

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