5 Best Gallery Vault Apps Available for Android

We use our phones to store a lot of valuable, personal, and sensitive data. There are photos, videos, music, and documents that we would want to keep to ourselves, and keeping those in an open folder is a big risk as we do not know at what point in time we might need to share our phone with someone. Gallery vault apps are a good solution for such problems, and if you are an Android user, there are various options available on Google Play Store to keep your data private. You can download a gallery vault app, set a password, and secure your data from any unauthorized access. However, choosing a quality gallery vault app among many options might be difficult. Check out the best gallery vault apps for Android.


1Gallery is one of the most famous photo vault services. Along with keeping your photos safely in a vault, this app also functions as a regular gallery app where you can view and sort your photos and videos. All the files saved in the vault are encrypted, and you can use pattern lock or PIN to keep those files secured. This app also features basic photo and video editors. You can download this app for free from Google Play Store. The paid version of the app comes for $2.99 with advanced features.

Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault is another excellent app on our list to keep your data secure and private on your phone. This app has been around for a while, and that makes it a popular app. You can use the app to hide the data available on internal storage as well as SD card. The free version of this app comes with ads, while the ad-free version costs $14.99. You can download the app from Google Play Store.

Hide Something

As the name suggests, the app Hide Something is usable to hide the data on your phone. This is a clean app with an easy user interface. This app supports third-party apps, so you can directly import and export files to different apps. GIF support, a fake vault mode, and fingerprint support are other significant features of this device. You can download Hide Something for free from Google Play Store.


LOCKED is a wonderful gallery vault app to enhance the privacy of your phone. This app can hide itself as a calculator in the app drawer of your phone, so only you will know where you have hidden the data. This app also features a private browser. You can download the free version of the app from Google Play Store. The premium version of the app is available for $6.99.


LockMyPix comes with all the necessary features of a good gallery vault app. Complete offline support, a fake login, AES encryption, fingerprint scanner support, and SD card support are significant features of this device. There is also a fake vault available. You can download the app for free from Google Play Store and upgrade to the premium version for $3.99.

Gallery vault apps can play an important role in maintaining the privacy of your data. Download one of the apps listed above and bolster your privacy.

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Source – 5 Best Gallery Vault Apps Available for Android

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