5 Best Google Assistant-enabled Devices in 2019

Nowadays, most to the smart home devices are compatible with Google Assistant. Things have been a lot easier with the use of this virtual assistant, developed by Google. Controlling music, videos, TV, and more is effortless now. However, there are a few outstanding gadgets that work best with the Google Assistant. Let’s check them out.

5 Best Google Assistant-enabled Devices in 2019

  1. Google Nest Hub

If you have used Google Home or Home Mini and desire the additional advantage of the display, the Google Nest Hub is the ideal solution for you. It comes with a built-in Google Assistant, 7-inch touchscreen, dual far-field microphones, and Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity. Other than this, it even works perfectly as a digital picture frame. You can quickly get any help you want on your want through this device and control various devices through voice with ease. Google Nest Hub offer automatic updates, which means you don’t have to worry about updating the recent software version at all.

  1. Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Display is almost the same as the Home Hub. It features an 8-inch screen and a camera for video calling, which makes it different. You can ideally watch the screen in either landscape or portrait mode. Though it is necessary to have extra space to place this device and use it efficiently. Its 5MP camera at the front will let you capture decent photos and 720p HD videos.

  1. Google Home

Google Home is the best smart speakers currently in the market. It is best for you if the screen is not required. This gadget can be placed ideally in any corner of your home and will work smoothly. You can either buy one for use in the kitchen or set up more than one to get the best sound experience at your home. Its far-field microphones capture your voice commands even from a distance ideally. For setting it up, you need to follow three easy steps.

* Firstly, you need to take the power cable and plug it into Google Home.

* Then, you have to connect it to the wall socket.

* Download the associated Google Home app and run to use ideally.

  1. Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is another excellent wireless speaker to use on your home. You get to know about almost everything without even using your hands through this smart speaker. From your regular day to your upcoming trip, you can plan everything with ease with it. It can recognize up to six different voice if you personalize it accordingly. This smart speaker is made especially for smaller spaces, though.

  1. Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless headphones

If you are looking for headphones that equipped with Google Assistant, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II is the best option for you. They come as fabulous over-ear headphones with noise-cancellation capability. You can comfortably use these headphones with your computer or smartphone. With these outstanding headphones, it is possible to control music, send a message, and get help through your voice only. Get these assistant-equipped headphones for regular or casual use!

All in all, these are the best Google Assistant-enabled devices that you can buy and use currently!

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