5 best hangover cures

The most irritating thing experienced after getting drunk is the hangover. After all who likes headaches, body pain, anxiety, and stress. And if it is your first time then it may feel even worse. Believe me or not but the best hangover cure is to stay away from alcohol at all.

1.Hair of the dog: Have you ever heard of the method called hair of the dog. This is the most common and widely used method to remove the hangover effect. In this method, people drink some amount of alcohol the next morning or during the hangover to reduce the hangover effect. India’s field was relieved after doing this method. But I will not suggest you try this method as it may react differently to different kinds of people. You may feel good for some time but you will get a double hangover after a while once you do this method.

Hangover Cure

  1. Water: A hangover can cause many problems like headaches, nausea, anxiety, and many more. The main reason behind these problems is dehydration. When we consume alcohol more amounts of urine are produced in our body which causes loss of water from the body. Also, people usually vomit after drinking alcohol which is again the loss of water or fluid from the body. Dehydration also may make you feel less energetic which is more irritating. So to cure hangover water is a must. Not even water you can take other fluids like electrolyte glucose water fruit juice and coconut water. You can also go for vegetable juice as it will give you fluid as well as energy. Carrier bottle of water or other nonalcoholic drinks throughout the day and drink it frequently and keep yourself hydrated. 
  2. Food: If you are having a hangover it means you must be feeling very low and less energetic. In this case, you must feed yourself with good greasy food. A meal rich in carbohydrates and other important nutrients is good for you. Not even after a hangover, you must eat a complete meal rich in carbohydrates before drinking. A plate of pasta will be good before and after a hangover. You have a plan to go out then don’t ever think to go out with an empty stomach. This may cause unconsciousness which will make your hangover worse.
  3. Give yourself rest: Hangover so irritating and uncomfortable. You need a good rest to overcome the hangover effect. If you have any plans to go out then I recommend you cancel all the plans or take a day off from work ok and take a good nap. If you don’t feel sleepy then I suggest you lay down on the bed or in the park and listen to soft songs. I know to sleep just after waking up is tough, instead of sleeping you should first freshen up and take a good male and keep yourself hydrated, get into comfortable clothes, you can also do a little yoga for a small jog before sleep. Then take a nap of 3 to 5 hours. I bet you will feel much better than before. Is very helpful in reducing headaches, anxiety, and stress.
  4. Exercise: Exercise is one of the best ideas to cure a hangover. But you have to take care of yourself while doing exercise. If you are not regular to exercise or exercise is not in your routine then I will not suggest you do any heavy workout. Also, exercise without a complete meal can harm your body. Exercise will cause sweat loss it will help you in losing the toxins of alcohol from your body. You can do light exercise like jogging, walking, a few sets of squares, few sets of push-ups. Exercise for 30 to 40 minutes will be enough for you. You don’t have to lose excess weight alcohol already causes dehydration resource weight loss may cause unconsciousness. Don’t ever think to have Sauna. Many people suggest having a Sauna during a hangover. But think for a minute can you be that much amount of sweat loss from your body. Also so don’t forget to drink enough water before and after a workout.

If you are still not satisfied with these methods then I will suggest Hotshot. Dot shot is an ayurvedic method to cure a hangover. You can take it in different forms like ok you can have a dot shot capsule or you can have a dotshot drink. You can easily buy dotshot through to Amazon Store or any other e-commercial Store. Many of the leading pharmacies are now supplying dotshot to their customers for curing hangovers.

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