5 Best Hurricane Tracker Apps in 2019

It is essential to have a hurricane tracker apps as you never know when this natural calamity can provide harm to yourself or your loved ones. These apps alert you whenever the storm is heading towards you, and you can quickly check the detailed forecast. There are tons of exciting hurricane and other weather tracker apps that you can find for your device. If you can’t figure out the exact ones, this blog will provide the best options to you.

Here are the best five hurricane apps for you:

  1. Storm Radar

If you desire a free hurricane tracking app, the Storm Radar is the perfect solution for you. It allows you to know the exact location of the hurricane and where it is moving. You even get three map style options with this excellent app. It works great with iOS devices, Android devices, and also on the web.

  1. My Hurricane Tracker

My Hurricane Tracker is the best app for you if you love apps with an easy to use interface. It comes with a simple design and features a lot of exciting features to the users. This app alerts you about the hurricane that you are tracking from time to time. You will see the forecast for the coming five days as well. Android and iOS users can ideally use this hurricane tracker app.

  1. VentuSky

When it comes to detailed wind patterns, there is no better tracking app than VentuSky. It is being offered with various customization map option and available for both mobiles as well as computers. You can check the weather forecast for the coming week of any location with this app. Some of its features include temperature, air pressure, waves, thunderstorms, snow cover, and more. Though, the bad thing about this app is that the iPhone and iPad users can access the VentuSky app for free.

  1. Hurricane by American Red Cross

Easily track anyone that you know or love when the hurricane hits somewhere using this app. It shows information even when the internet connection is not there in your device. If you don’t understand English but know Spanish, this app can be life-saver for you as it offers both English and Spanish languages. You can let others know if you are the one who is stuck in an unsafe situation by using the ‘I’m Safe’ feature available in the  Hurricane by American Red Cross app. Hence, keep yourself and your loved ones safe by using this free hurricane tracker app in your Android or iOS device.

  1. NOAA Weather Radar

Choose the NOAA Weather Radar app for tracking the hurricane without an internet connection. It offers the progression of the storm from an hour before and shows the icons on the map accordingly. You can check the forecast for the next seven day of any location from this weather tracking app also. It lets you add the desired areas where hurricane might affect and alerts you if they are in the hurricane’s path. Get this app for your Android or iOS device.

So, these are the best hurricane apps that you can use in your devices for tracking hurricanes!

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