5 best interior and exterior paint colours

The idea of choosing the right home outside colour or home inside colour stands crucial when you are planning to fill colours in your house. Colours add the charm to your residence and thus should be according to the personality that you possess. The exteriors of a house are the first treat to the eyes of the visitors but the home interior painting stays equally essential. In the entirety, selecting the suitable hues for the walls to making the exteriors looks appealing is a complex process. To reduce this complexity, we have come up with a guide of colours for the interiors and exteriors of your house to select from according to your dream landscape of home so look no further and dig in to make the best choice.

Colours for the Exterior


Subtle to the eyes yet no less in looking classy, brown indulge well with whites and creams to deliver an ambient vibe.


Providing serenity to the exteriors of the house, colour blue symbolizes the calmness of sky and cheers of the ocean.


Showcase your playful personality with a bright and sunny yellow colour. Let the shine of your house reflect on the exterior walls.


Want the rustic vibe for your house? Play with the shades of green to indulge in the vintage tone of hues. Present the house as a statement by picking the crispiness of the green tint.


Trim-down the subtleness and let the fierce of red complement your energy. Go bold with the choice of red and bring the vibrancy to your home. Let your comfort zone be the centre of attraction with the trendiest shade.
Colours for the Interiors


The neutrality of the shade grey complements every colour. It speaks about the subtle yet intricate choice for the home interior painting.


Timeless, classic, and charming are the best- suited words to describe the shades of white. Experiment with whites and make the heads turn because one can never go wrong with the soothing effect of white.


Let the welcoming vibe of peach be the hero of your house. The calming tone of this shade is sure to relax you after a tiring day. Combine the shades of peach with playful shades to make your residence more colourful.


Looking for a modern and trendy pop of colour? We have got you the shades of pink. Go minimalistic by just adding a tone that speaks for itself. Let pink be the champion for the interior walls of the house.


The warm undertone of beige can easily combine with the previous accents of your home. Bring the earthiness to your house with the intimate and versatile shades of beige.

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