5 Best Magazine Apps for iOS

Physical copies of magazines are outdated these days as most of the people read digital publications. Apps such as Pocket and Flipboard have replaced magazines and allow readers to go through recent news and web articles. However, there are still people who prefer physical copies of magazines over the digital world. If you use an iPhone and looking for best magazine apps for your device, this blog will guide you with the same. You can get the recent edition of your favorite magazine from anywhere without going anywhere in your Smartphone once you get the ideal app. Here are a few of the best magazine apps that you can download from iTunes:

1. Flipboard

Flipboard is one of the best free apps for reading fresh content and personalized magazine. It provides news and content from more prominent names such as the New York Times and People Magazine as well as pulls out material from the small websites to balance the content feed of users. You get the latest news related to technology, sports, fashion and more with this app.

2. Pocket

Another great free magazine app available on iTunes is the Pocket app. It allows you to customize the content that you want to see in your feed. You can even any available for reading later and can read the same even when you offline. Magazine apps are all about providing you the best content from the web and other sources and arranging the same in proper order. This personal magazine app does the same for you.

3. Zinio

The Zinio app features almost all the world’s best magazines and provides you their digital editions.

It comes to you for free and lets you read the entire magazines with ease. Just pick any magazine of your choice while you are at home or on the go and read it at once.

4. News Republic

The News Republic app comes with an excellent user interface. It has a widget that allows users to go through the available items swiftly without even opening the app. This app also brings you news and articles from different sources and keeps you updated with what’s going around.

5. Longform

You don’t have to grab any specific magazine now to read the recent writing from one of your favorite writers. The Longform is a free app that boasts most of the best writer and connects you with them through their independent blogs and guest posts on several websites. So, get this app today on your iPhone and enjoy great articles and blog from magazines and online sites.


Magazine apps allow you to stay connected with your favorite magazines and recent news. You can get plenty of magazine apps on iTunes. This blog features the best magazine apps that you can download and use regularly in your day-to-day life.

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