5 Best School Apps to Use in 2019

Learning is more exciting and more comfortable than before now with the use of various educational apps available in the market. It is not only limited to notebooks and books. A lot of academic services have made the task easier for students. You can install the best educational apps on your smartphone and study with ease. If you don’t know about the best educational apps to get started with, the best ones are mentioned over here for you.

  1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the best solution for you if you want to start as a beginner. It is no less than a modern-day online encyclopedia for you. You can know about almost everything by using the Wikipedia app on your smartphone. Don’t stress about carrying several encyclopedias with you, download this app from the dedicated app store on your device. It is easy to download and use this app.

2. YouTube

YouTube is not only an ideal source of entertainment but can be used for learning as well. There are umpteen of videos on almost every subject and topic on this app. You will learn by watching visual content, which is very exciting. For learning, go to the search section of YouTube and type the desired subject or topic to learn. You will have a lot of videos in the search results. Choose any of them for watching and learning. Though, you need to select the ideal video for learning as anyone can upload videos on this platform.

3. Duolingo

If you desire to learn a new language through an app, Duolingo is a popular and the perfect option for you. It features a unique and easy-to-use interface for learning a foreign language with ease. You get to learn a new language through spoken phrases as well as relevant visuals as well. Learn any language quickly by installing and using the Duolingo app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

4. Khan Academy

This particular app is perfect for all levels of learners. It offers useful information and learning courses for free. This app is already very popular amount students all around the world. You can explore various courses that will not cost you a single penny through this app. However, the courses mostly focus on humanities, maths, science, related to computing, and more. If you have used this app for learning, you must try it out.

5. Goodreads

Books are undoubtedly one of the best sources for learning. But, you can’t easily carry them around because they are bulky. Goodreads app lets you carry the desired books in your smartphone. You can access the best book in your area of study and boost your knowledge through your phone. It already consists of 40 million members and is one of the best apps for reading anything you want. Get this app on your phone as soon as possible to start reading your favorite books.


School apps are made specially to make learning easier and exciting for learning enthusiasts. No matter if you are a beginner or experienced with learning apps, these particular apps will be the best for you. Choose any or all of them to learn through your smartphone!

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