5 Best Text Editors to Enhance Work Productivity

Text editors are a lifeline for umpteen of working professionals and organizations. They are great taking simple notes or writing complex codes. There are a large number of great text editors that you can find in the market. Some are best for the ones who are getting started with coding while some work best for the experienced developers. The best text editors that will speed up your work process are described below.

The best text editors:

1. Sublime Text

Sublime text is being offered as one of the best text editors. It comes free for users but to use all the features properly, you will have to get the paid version. The best thing about this text editor that you can use it on as many devices as you want as its licenses are based on per-user instead of per-machine. Even being an extremely lightweight text editor, it offers advanced features to the users for best use. It also provides various search tools and shortcuts to make changes in the editor easily.

2. Notepad++

If you are looking for an ideal text editor for writing code, the Notepad++ is the best solution. It is yet another free text editor that can be used by everyone easily. You even get the list of plugins to enhance the text editor’s functionality. The Notepad++ ensures ease of use as it comes translated in around 80 languages. Whether you are an advanced or beginner developer, its customization tools will be easy to understand and great for you. You can even translate this text editor in your native language if you are not able to find the desired language in the list.

3. TextMate

If you use Mac in your day-to-day life, TextMate is an excellent text editor for you. It is available with both free and paid versions, and you can choose the ideal one as per your need. This text editor also allows you to customize everything inside it in your way. Its advanced file searching tool will help you with organizing complex codes inside the editor. TextMate offers a tool for Xcode projects and supports all programming languages.

4. Atom

According to the creators of the Atom editor, it is the best open source text editor designed primarily for developers. It allows developers to edit and share projects ideally and help others out even if they are far away. The Atom editor already includes the Github package and provide plenty of collaboration and organization tools, which makes it perfect for experienced developers. This text editor is destined to run smoothly on all the operating systems such as Windows, OS X, and Linux. For a better look and feel, you can install themes in the Atom text editor.

5. CoffeeCup – The HTML Editor

CoffeeCup brings you HTML Editor, which is one of the most advanced text editors, made especially for web designing and coding purposes. It has a free version, but the paid version will be beneficial for you as it lets you use all of its features perfectly. If you are learning PHP or HTML language, you must choose this editor to get started. You get various responsive website themes with the CoffeeCup text editor as well. Get this text editor and create and edit HTML in the best way possible.

So, these are the best text editors that you can use for maximum productivity in your regular life!

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