5 Best Tripods That Will Provide the Camera Support You Need

What if I told you, there was a way to get more color, more contrast, and more sharpness when taking pictures of motionless scenes and subjects in low light. The secret to that is, in case you haven’t guessed it already, is a tripod. What’s so great about using a tripod? It allows us to get our hands off of the camera which in turn allows us to observe our surroundings but not just through the lens. Along with that, it also reduces image noise.

In order to get a premium experience, you need a tripod that suits your needs and what all it has to offer. To make the process easy for you to shortlist, here are some of the best tripods of 2020-

Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263 AB

Honored with the 2017 TIPA award for best tripod and the prestigious Red Dot Award for design these cool tripods are nothing like that have come before. With legs crafted from advanced materials providing better stability and weightless performance – the new rich Matte Anthracite finish looks just as amazing as it performs. The series is available in aluminum alloy or carbon fiber.

The product features Vanguard’s innovative Multi-Angle Center Column System which has a faster one motion center column deployment. Gone are the days of fumbling with your gear with two hands! The beauty of this tripod is its ease of use. There are 4 unique leg angles that can be achieved all clearly marked for precision. The durable nonslip all-weather TPU phone grips does wonders to enhance the carrying experience. Finally, the Pro 2+ features an attachment point for housing a flexible arm intended for accessories.

The tripod delivers a durable construction, intuitive design, and quick easy setup for the ultimate shooting experience.

Manfrotto BeFree Advanced

This is one of the Manfrotto’s premium range travel tripods. Aside from their lightweight construction, these top-performing tripods are designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike. With its sturdy built and quick setup design the Befree Advanced gives you the liberty to focus on your subject and not worry about your gear.

The befree advanced offers top performance in both the models – the twist-lock with its quick setup design and the QPL lever adapted for travel. The carbon fiber makes is a real bonus that facilitates the same high-level performance from a lighter frame. This allows you to conserve your energy for the moments that really count or bring along an extra piece of equipment for those unique shots.

So, if you’re looking to push the limits on your travel photography or videography, the premium line of Manfrotto’s Travel tripods covers all your needs.

Vanguard Veo 235 AB

Regarded as the series which knows its way around the world, VEO travel tripods are the most lightweight and compact of Vanguard’s tripods to date. It features the all-new patented Rapid Column Rotation allowing the tripod to fold into a super compact travel size. It is 14.8 inches when folded and is the largest at 15.6inches making it easily fit inside your travel backpack.

The tripod does not compromise on its sturdiness while providing remarkable stability. Leg diameters range in size from 2-2.5cm and the max weight capacity is a staggering 18 pounds. Available in both aluminum and carbon fiber it can weigh was less as 2 pounds

With the addition of VEO, Vanguard enhanced the horizon of travel photographers everywhere.

Mefoto Road Trip Classic

This is a 15.4 inch long (61.6 inches- max height) compact travel tripod weighing as light as 3.6 pounds which is also convertible into a monopod. Having the tripod be light enough and small enough that can be carried around in a backpack is a big deal. The model is available in both aluminum and carbon fiber make which shaves off a few ounces. It takes only a few seconds to set up owing to its convenient design. It features a 360-degree panning scale for accurate image alignment which is useful for orchestrating accurate panoramas. It has got a spring-loaded recessed hook located at the bottom of the center column which allows you to hang extra weight. Another specialty is that the tripod legs can be inverted and folded back 180 degrees which makes it small enough to carry just about anywhere.

Davis & Sanford TR553-P228-

The lightweight tripod weighing only 2.6lbs is perfect for traveling or using outdoors. Equipped with freeze-proof rubberized twist locks allows for quick adjustment of its legs. It is perfect for rugged terrains and sub-freezing temperatures.  The process of removing the camera from the tripod has been simplified with the presence of the Arca-Swiss compatible release plate.

Optimal stability can be achieved by this tripod as it sports a Dual control ball head with a calibrated base and bubble level. It is only available in aluminum and comes with a black anodized finish. It has proved to be extremely versatile owing to its amazing build quality and features.

SOURCE:- 5 Best Tripods That Will Provide the Camera Support You Need

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