5 Cheerful Valentine’s Day Activities for Seniors

Valentine’s Day Activities for Seniors

Celebrating Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples, seniors can also enjoy the annual holiday and exchange cards or gifts with their friends and family members. If you can’t take your loved one out to a restaurant, here are the 5 special activities shared by Philadelphia live-in care professionals you can do with him or her on this Valentine’s Day.

1. Creating a Festive Environment

Decorating the house can make festive season special and exciting. Valentine’s Day can be a reason for seniors to decorate the house on their own and do something fun. There are a few Valentine’s Day activities seniors can do such as sticking hearts around the house or on the windows. Seniors can cut hearts out of a red or pink colored paper and stick them on every light-filled window.

2. Celebrating with Family and Friends

Holidays can be the best time for seniors to connect with their family members and friends. On this Valentine, seniors can organize a family gathering or a tea party and invite people to their house for a fun time. The guests can bring beautiful Valentine cards and exchange it with each other. You can also make Valentine cards on your own by watching a Tutorial video on YouTube.

3. Enjoying Valentine-themed Activities

Engaging in coloring can be an amazing way for seniors to feel relaxed, get creative, and appreciate together time. Playing puzzles such as Valentine Sudoku or Search Puzzles can also allow seniors to enjoy with other guests. Bingo is a popular game among seniors which seniors can play on Valentine’s Day. To create a Valentine-themed bingo, here are the things seniors need to remember:

  • Print different Valentine bingo sheets
  • Cut out the square pictures on one of the bingo pages
  • Pull all the squares in a container
  • The bingo player will call out the selected picture after pulling one square at a time
  • The player can mark the square if the picture is on the board
  • The player wins the game if he or she gets five colored squares in a row

4. Making Homemade Treats to Share

The combination of Valentine and treats is perfect. Make Valentine desserts, cookies, and other savory snacks to celebrate the day with your friends and family members. Red Velvet Cookies, Double Chocolate Doughnuts, and Sorbet Sandwiches are a few examples of Valentine’s Day treat.

5. Watching a Classic Romantic Movie

Seniors might feel nostalgic after watching an old funny or romantic movie on Valentine’s Day. Buy a classic movie or download it from the internet to watch it with your senior loved one. There are many incredible movies you can watch with your loved one such as His Girl Friday, 50 First Dates, or Casablanca.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved one can make him or her happy and connected to others in the golden years. If you are unable to take care of your aging loved one 24/7 and need a helping hand, hire a Philadelphia in-home caregiver, who is expertly trained in providing the care and support your loved one needs.

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