5 Comic Facts About The Relationship Between Vision and Wanda

Are you also waiting for WandaVision? Here are five comic book facts about their relationship to further hype you up.Before WandaVision comes on screen and introduces us to their own version of their relationship, you should know about the things that have already happened with them in the comics.

Among humans, robots, and aliens, there is a relationship that has endured it all in the Marvel comic universe. Yes, I am talking about a relationship between an AI turned ethereal being and a witch. Wanda and Vision have seen all together- ups, downs, and an eventual end.

Wanda and Vision relationship can be best described using a conventional soap opera’s on-again and off again analogy. So, before you dive deep into the Disney+ series, it will be a wise decision to get yourself in tune with the major events that have already been seen in the comics. You might never know what might have already inspired the upcoming series.

So, here we go!

Their Abode Was Torched Down

When Captain America had decided to restrict his team up to six members, Wanda Maximoff and Vision decided to leave their superhero business.

They then bought a new house in New Jersey in the hope of living a normal life and enjoying each other’s company.

However, neighbors had an issue with Vision’s appearance and decided to burn down their house.

The Couple Had Two Children

It will be really impossible, but nothing has to be realistic about comics. Wanda did indeed become pregnant during the 1980s and conceived two children, namely Billy and Tommy, but the issue was that their souls were pieces of Mephisto, and they had to be recaptured. Please Google search about Mephisto if you do not know what that is.

Vision Had Lost an Arm Trying to Save His Beloved

In the very first miniseries that had starred Vision and Scarlet Witch in the leading roles, Vision and Scarlet Witch took it upon themselves to save Whizzer and his son Nuklon. However, their nemesis turned out to be a cunning supervillain who cut Vision’s arm during one of the altercations.

Vision walked around with one arm up until he met Inhumans on the moon.

Wanda Had Nearly Finished Him Off for Good

When Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, completed her training of being a sorceress, she was sucked into a dark dimension by none other than Doctor Strange’s archenemy “Dormammu,” who also took her consciousness under control. While Vision tried to fight Dormammu, he could not fight Scarlet Witch, who, unaware of her actions, nearly took out the mind stone from his head.

She did Kill Him Once

When Wasp had reminded Wanda that her children had been killed, she had lost it.

Her rage was immediately turned towards the Avengers, who were unable to fight her wrath. One of the Avengers was Vision, who died in the battle.


So, here were five iconic moments of their relationship in comics. While we do not yet know which part of their relationship will inspire the miniseries, there is still a lot of excitement about it as the miniseries is directly related to one of the greatest upcoming Phase 4 films, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”

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