5 Common Myths About Home Security


There’s no denying that home security is a necessity. Over the years, there’s been major advancements in the technology associated with home security solutions. While modern building access control systems have been able to resolve common security issues for homeowners, there’s also been several misconceptions about the same circling the industry. If you have not invested in a security system yet, it’s probably ideal that you know of the following popular myths on home security:

Myth 1: Guard Dogs are Enough

Even though having a loyal dog is helpful in certain circumstances, it doesn’t guarantee 100% protection for your entire property. Not all dogs are great candidates for watchdogs, and it only gets worse if the burglar is armed. Yes, trained dogs are effective crime deterrents, but having a security system will certainly ensure complete safety for your household. Deploying multiple security solutions will definitely discourage burglars from accessing your property.

Myth 2: Security Systems are Very Expensive

Installing a single home security system used to be expensive back then. However, things have changed a lot over time. Manufacturers have not only managed to resolve some technical limitations, but have also reduced the prices of some of the best building access control systems. These devices are now easily accessible to many homeowners. Being available at affordable prices, it is definitely possible for you get the right system for your needs, without breaking the bank.

Myth 3: Thefts or Burglaries is a Night Thing

Time of the day doesn’t matter for burglaries to happen. Criminals always take advantage of the best opportunities to commit a robbery. Several burglaries happen between 6 AM and 6 PM, primarily because the homeowners are away at work. Thanks to reliable home security system companies near me, it is possible for people to monitor the interior and exteriors of their house right on their smartphones. Monitoring your house is super easy no matter where you are, so you can prevent crime, be it day or night.

Myth 4: A Landline is a Must

Not anymore! We do know that majority of homeowners rely on smartphones as their primary communication device. So, if you don’t have a landline, you can use your mobile device to communicate with your security provider’s monitoring center in the event of an emergency. First responders will arrive to your destination in no time to help you out.

Myth 5: Security Systems are not Easy to Use

This is one of the most popular myths about home security systems. Contrary to popular belief, a good security system is very user friendly. It’s easy to get familiarized with the system. Most of them comes with the mobile application that can be used to control the security aspects of your property.

Now that some of the common myths about home security systems are debunked, why not contact the best home alarm monitoring company to get one installed for your home?

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