5 Common Web Browser Issues & How to Fix Them

These days, internet or web browsers are one of the essential components in our digital world. They play a vital role in helping users scroll through millions and billions of web pages and sites effortlessly. Keeping in mind that we mere human beings have created these web browsers, they might sometimes act up. No matter which browser or version you use, errors and technical glitches are something from which you can’t escape. In this article, we are going to promptly show you how to troubleshoot five common browser issues.

Slow Speed and Page Loads Even with Fast Internet     

If you are experiencing slow performance in your internet browser, even though your internet is fast enough, other devices are streaming 4K videos without a break, then following these fixes:

  • Check for updates in your browser by navigating to Help and then “About + (Your browser name).”
  • If that doesn’t fix your problem, disable all extensions and Add-ons to see the difference in performance.
  • Another way to improve browser performance is by clearing all cache and cookies data. You can do this by wiping all browsing data from your browser, but be sure to uncheck auto-fill data such as saved IDs and passwords.
  • If that doesn’t work either, then uninstall your browser and install it again with the latest installer. This time, you might wish to use another browser.
  • In case you are still facing slow browser performance issues, then it could be a bad software or virus on your system, Make sure to run a thorough virus scan to get rid of that.

Lastly, it could be your computer itself, which might have an older or slower processor and less amount of RAM. You can try a lightweight web browser if your computer is slow.

Autofill is Acting Up

Autofill is one of the most important features in a web browser to quickly feed the required information fields. Such as it helps you quickly provide your email and password whenever you log in to a site. However, in some cases, it starts acting up and improperly fills the demanded details in a form page.

To fix this, first ensure if autofill enabled or not on your browser. You can check it by navigating to Settings> Auto-fill for Chrome; Preferences > Privacy & Security > Login and Passwords for Firefox and more.

If the feature is enabled, then corrupted browser log data can cause the Auto-Fill feature to act up. Another fix is by deactivating all extensions one by one and seeing if it fixes the issue.

Unwanted URL Suggestions 

Do you frequently see several useless website suggestions while you access the URL address bar? If yes, you might wish to remove them if possible, but there is no specific option for that. Hey, it is not even hard at all, to clear all history and browsing data. If you don’t wish to clear the whole data, click and hold a URL suggestion and then hit Shift + Delete keys at the same time.

Webpages Don’t Load or Appear as Expected

Do you often see garbled or messy web pages while accessing the internet on your browser? If yes, here are the fixes you should try:

  • Check your internet connection performance.
  • Try to reload the webpage as it could be a server issue that you can’t affect.
  • Are you still seeing a muddy page? Open the same page on another device and with a different connection.

Are other websites loading fine? If yes, then it is possible the site is restricted in your country, or the site’s server is temporarily down. It is also possible that the website isn’t coded or designed well, and it is under development.

The Browser is Crashing Randomly

If the browser stops, closes, or crashes without any sign of warning, it is possible something has corrupted it. You can try by updating it to the least version, resetting all settings and preferences to default, clearing all brewing data including cache and cookies, etc. If that doesn’t work, uninstall the browser completely and reinstall it.


Now that you are aware of the most usual internet browser errors and how to fix them, you will be able to troubleshoot them whenever they occur. The primary fixes are clearing cache and cookies, updating it to the latest version, and reinstalling if nothing works.



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