5 Creative Ideas for Reusing Glass Jars

Glass jars are great. They’re perfect for recycling purposes. Unlike plastic, they’re much more sustainable. If you’re buying jars to use in your kitchen, here’s a look at other uses that you can have for it. That way, if you stop using it as a container for your baking and cooking ingredients, you’ll still have a ton of ideas that you could try out. Here are five excellent ideas to get you started.

Nautical Glass Jar

If you’re shopping for 5ml glass jars, you could turn a few of them into decorative pieces for your home. Wrap the jars with fisherman’s netting. You could get the netting at a craft store, the brown rope they use for crafts projects. Pick a clear, white jar or colored ones. Blue would work best if you’re after that nautical look. With the netting, that jar is going to look right at home with the rest of all the beach and marine pieces you have scattered in your living spaces.

Do a Terrarium

If you love plants, you can turn those jars into a terrarium. Put rocks and gravel along with seashells at the bottom. That’s perfect for collecting water. Next, you add a layer of dead moss and leaves. After that, you put it in the soil. The layer of moss and leaves should keep the soil from falling to the bottom of the jar. You could also use cactus soil if that’s available. After that, you can add the plants you want. Now you have a mini garden of Eden.

Fill It Up with Treats

Use the jars as a container for your candies. If you love sweets and stock up on different candies at home, then those jars are perfect. They’ll also look visually tempting and charming, with all those colors and swirly designs. Just make sure you pick bottles that come with an air-tight lid. You wouldn’t want to wake up to all those bottles full of ants. However, the best thing about using glass jars for your candy is that the containers let you see the treats inside. You won’t have to check labels or if they’re unlabeled, you won’t have to keep opening jars just to find out where you’d put the chocolate bars or the licorice treats.

Use for Your Supplies

The glass jars, especially colored ones, make for lovely decors to your bathroom counter. They’ll add color to the space and a touch of sophistication. If you want to pull off that classy look for your bathroom, then a glass jar or two that holds jewelry, or any other small item is a wonderful sight. You could have a collection of glass jars, too. That would look amazing.

Create a DIY Snow Globe

If you have a bit of time on your hands and your kids are looking for something to do, why not teach them how to make snow globes. You could reuse your glass jars this way. Just make sure you check if the lid is airtight to prevent any leaks.

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